BDB5722 [H5640]

סָתַם verb stop up, shut up, keep close (Late Hebrew id.; ᵑ7 סְתַם id.; Syriac ( very rare); Arabic close door Lane1334, and Kam Frey, are perhaps loan-words);

**compare Assyrian bit sutummu, storehouse, treasury, ZehnpfBAS i. 531. —
Qal Perfect 3 masculine singular ׳ס 2Chr 32:30 Imperfect 2 masculine plural תִּסְתֹּ֑מוּ 2Kgs 3:19 3 masculine plural יִסְתֹּ֑מוּ v2Kgs 3:25, וַיִּסְתְּמוּ 2Chr 32:4 Imperative masculine singular סְתֹם Dan 8:26; Dan 12:4 Infinitive construct לִסְתּוֺם 2Chr 32:3 Passive participle סָתוּם Ezek 28:3, סָתֻם Ps 51:8, plural סְתֻמִים Dan 12:9
1. stop up springs of water 2Kgs 3:19; 2Kgs 3:25; 2Chr 32:3; 2Chr 32:4, compare v2Chr 32:30.
2. shut up, keep close, prophetic words Dan 8:26; Dan 12:4; Dan 12:9 בְּסָתֻם Ps 51:8 in (the) closed (chamber of the breast; || טֻחוֺת). — כָּלסָֿתוּם Ezek 28:3 usually no secret is too dark for thee, but doubtful (see II. עמם); ᵐ5 σοφοί, Co חַרְטֻמִּים < Toy חֲכָמִים, or Berthol. קֹסְמִים. Niph`al Infinitive construct לְהִסָּתֵם Neh 4:1 the breaches [in the walls] had begun to be stopped up. Pi`el Perfect 3 plural suffix סִתְּמוּם Gen 26:16 Imperfect 3 masculine plural suffix וַיְסַתְּמוּם vGen 26:18, both of stopping wells quite up (RJE).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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