BDB5712 [H5628]

[סָרַח verb go free, be unrestrained, overrun, exceed (Late Hebrew סָרוּחַ overhanging, flapping; Arabic of camels, etc., pasture where they please; also send forth to pasture; II. let a wife go free; let down the hair; easy. — Late Hebrew סָרַח, Aramaic usually = corrupt, sin); —

Qal Imperfect 3 feminine singular תִּסְרַח Exod 26:12 Participle active feminine סֹרַ֫חַת Ezek 17:6 passive סָרוּחַ (compare ii. 1, 137 Ges«GKC:50»§ 50 f. BaNB 180) Exod 26:13 plural סְרוּחִים Amos 6:7, סְרֻחִים vAmos 6:4 construct סְרוּחֵי Ezek 23:15
1. go free, be unrestrained: וּסְרֻחִים עַלעַֿרְשׂוֺתָם Amos 6:4 i.e. probably = and are sprawling upon their couches (in contemptuous hyperbole), ׳מִרַזְח ס vAmos 6:7 the revelry of sprawlers; participle active of overrunning, spreading vine Ezek 17:6.
2. of overhanging stuffs (properly overrunning, exceeding, extended beyond limits) תִּסְרַח עַל אֲחֹרֵי הַמִּשְׁכָּן Exod 26:12 (P) it shall overrun (overhang), over the back of the tabernacle, so יִהְיֶה סָרוּחַ ׳עַלצִֿדֵּי הַמּ vExod 26:13 סְרוּחֵי טְבוּלִים Ezek 23:15 overhungof turbans, extended with respect to turbans, = with pendant turbans (compare [טְבוּל]). Niph`al Perfect 3 feminine singular נִסְרְחָה חָכְמָתָם Jer 49:7 usually is their wisdom let loose (i.e. dismissed, gone)? (|| הַאֵין עוֺד חָכְמָה בְּתֵימָ֑ן אָֽבְד עֵצָה מִבַּנִים); but Expos. May, 1897, 363 is corrupt (compare Late Hebrew, and especially Aramaic).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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