Zechariah 5

  1 H7725 Then again H5375 I lifted up H5869 mine eyes, H7200 and saw, H5774 and, behold, a flying H4039 roll.
  2 H559 And he said H7200 unto me, What seest H559 thou? And I answered, H7200 I see H5774 a flying H4039 roll; H753 the length H6242 thereof is twenty H520 cubits, H7341 and the breadth H6235 thereof ten H520 cubits.
  3 H559 Then said H423 he unto me, This is the curse H3318 that goeth forth H6440 over the face H776 of the whole land: H1589 for every one that stealeth H5352 shall be cut off H3644 on the one side according H7650 to it; and every one that sweareth H5352 shall be cut off H3644 on the other side according to it.
  4 H3318 I will cause it to go forth, H5002 saith H3068 Jehovah H6635 of hosts, H935 and it shall enter H1004 into the house H1590 of the thief, H1004 and into the house H7650 of him that sweareth H8267 falsely H8034 by my name; H3885 and it shall abide H8432 in the midst H1004 of his house, H3615 and shall consume H6086 it with the timber H68 thereof and the stones thereof.
  5 H4397 Then the angel H1696 that talked H3318 with me went forth, H559 and said H5375 unto me, Lift up H5869 now thine eyes, H7200 and see H3318 what is this that goeth forth.
  6 H559 And I said, H559 What is it? And he said, H374 This is the ephah H3318 that goeth forth. H559 He said H5869 moreover, This is their appearance H776 in all the land
  7 H5375 (and, behold, there was lifted up H3603 a talent H5777 of lead); H259 and this is a H802 woman H3427 sitting H8432 in the midst H374 of the ephah.
  8 H559 And he said, H7564 This is Wickedness: H7993 and he cast H8432 her down into the midst H374 of the ephah; H7993 and he cast H68 the weight H5777 of lead H6310 upon the mouth thereof.
  9 H5375 Then lifted I up H5869 mine eyes, H7200 and saw, H3318 and, behold, there came forth H8147 two H802 women, H7307 and the wind H3671 was in their wings; H2007 now they had H3671 wings H3671 like the wings H2624 of a stork; H5375 and they lifted up H374 the ephah H776 between earth H8064 and heaven.
  10 H559 Then said H4397 I to the angel H1696 that talked H3212 with me, Whither do these bear H374 the ephah?
  11 H559 And he said H1129 unto me, To build H1004 her a house H776 in the land H8152 of Shinar: H3559 and when it is prepared, H3240 she shall be set H4369 there in her own place.