Psalms 2:1-6

  1 H1471 Why do the nations H7283 rage, H3816 And the peoples H1897 meditate H7385 a vain thing?
  2 H4428 The kings H776 of the earth H3320 set H7336 themselves, And the rulers H3245 take counsel H3162 together, H3068 Against Jehovah, H4899 and against his anointed, saying,
  3 H5423 Let us break H4147 their bonds H5423 asunder, H7993 And cast away H5688 their cords from us.
  4 H3427 He that sitteth H8064 in the heavens H7832 will laugh: H136 The Lord H3932 will have them in derision.
  5 H1696 Then will he speak H639 unto them in his wrath, H926 And vex H2740 them in his sore displeasure:
  6 H5258 Yet I have set H4428 my king H6944 Upon my holy H2022 hill H6726 of Zion.