Nehemiah 5:7-11

  7 H4427 Then I consulted H3820 with myself, H7378 and contended H2715 with the nobles H5461 and the rulers, H559 and said H5383 unto them, Ye exact H4855 usury, H376 every one H251 of his brother. H5414 And I held H1419 a great H6952 assembly against them.
  8 H559 And I said H1767 unto them, We after our ability H7069 have redeemed H251 our brethren H3064 the Jews, H4376 that were sold H1471 unto the nations; H4376 and would ye even sell H251 your brethren, H4376 and should they be sold H2790 unto us? Then held they their peace, H4672 and found H1697 never a word.
  9 H559 Also I said, H1697 The thing that H6213 ye do H2896 is not good: H3212 ought ye not to walk H3374 in the fear H430 of our God, H2781 because of the reproach H1471 of the nations H341 our enemies?
  10 H251 And I likewise, my brethren H5288 and my servants, H5383 do lend H3701 them money H1715 and grain. H5800 I pray you, let us leave off H4855 this usury.
  11 H7725 Restore, H3117 I pray you, to them, even this day, H7704 their fields, H3754 their vineyards, H2132 their oliveyards, H1004 and their houses, H3967 also the hundredth H3701 part of the money, H1715 and of the grain, H8492 the new wine, H3323 and the oil, H5383 that ye exact of them.