Leviticus 9

  1 H8066 And it came to pass on the eighth H3117 day, H4872 that Moses H7121 called H175 Aaron H1121 and his sons, H2205 and the elders H3478 of Israel;
  2 H559 and he said H175 unto Aaron, H3947 Take H1241 thee a H5695 calf H2403 of the herd for a sin-offering, H352 and a ram H5930 for a burnt-offering, H8549 without blemish, H7126 and offer H6440 them before H3068 Jehovah.
  3 H1121 And unto the children H3478 of Israel H1696 thou shalt speak, H559 saying, H3947 Take H8163 ye a H5795 he-goat H2403 for a sin-offering; H5695 and a calf H3532 and a lamb, H1121 both a H8141 year H8549 old, without blemish, H5930 for a burnt-offering;
  4 H7794 and an ox H352 and a ram H2076 for peace-offerings, H2076 to sacrifice H6440 before H3068 Jehovah; H4503 and a meal-offering H1101 mingled H8081 with oil: H3117 for to-day H3068 Jehovah H7200 appeareth unto you.
  5 H3947 And they brought H4872 that which Moses H6680 commanded H6440 before H168 the tent H4150 of meeting: H4150 and all the congregation H7126 drew near H5975 and stood H6440 before H3068 Jehovah.
  6 H4872 And Moses H559 said, H1697 This is the thing H3068 which Jehovah H6680 commanded H6213 that ye should do: H3519 and the glory H3068 of Jehovah H7200 shall appear unto you.
  7 H4872 And Moses H559 said H175 unto Aaron, H7126 Draw H4196 near unto the altar, H6213 and offer H2403 thy sin-offering, H2403 and thy burnt-offering, H3722 and make atonement H5971 for thyself, and for the people; H6213 and offer H7133 the oblation H5971 of the people, H3722 and make atonement H3068 for them; as Jehovah H6680 commanded.
  8 H175 So Aaron H4196 drew near unto the altar, H7819 and slew H5695 the calf H2403 of the sin-offering, which was for himself.
  9 H1121 And the sons H175 of Aaron H7126 presented H1818 the blood H2881 unto him; and he dipped H676 his finger H1818 in the blood, H5414 and put H7161 it upon the horns H4196 of the altar, H3332 and poured H1818 out the blood H3247 at the base H4196 of the altar:
  10 H2459 but the fat, H3629 and the kidneys, H3508 and the caul H4480 from H3516 the liver H2403 of the sin-offering, H6999 he burnt H4196 upon the altar; H3068 as Jehovah H6680 commanded H4872 Moses.
  11 H1320 And the flesh H5785 and the skin H8313 he burnt H784 with fire H2351 without H4264 the camp.
  12 H7819 And he slew H5930 the burnt-offering; H175 and Aaron's H1121 sons H4672 delivered H1818 unto him the blood, H2236 and he sprinkled H4196 it upon the altar H5439 round about.
  13 H4672 And they delivered H5930 the burnt-offering H5409 unto him, piece by piece, H7218 and the head: H6999 and he burnt H4196 them upon the altar.
  14 H7364 And he washed H7130 the inwards H3767 and the legs, H6999 and burnt H5930 them upon the burnt-offering H4196 on the altar.
  15 H7126 And he presented H5971 the people's H7133 oblation, H3947 and took H8163 the goat H2403 of the sin-offering H5971 which was for the people, H7819 and slew H2398 it, and offered it for sin, H7223 as the first.
  16 H7126 And he presented H5930 the burnt-offering, H6213 and offered H4941 it according to the ordinance.
  17 H7126 And he presented H4503 the meal-offering, H4390 and filled H3709 his hand H6999 therefrom, and burnt H4196 it upon the altar, H905 besides H5930 the burnt-offering H1242 of the morning.
  18 H7819 He slew H7794 also the ox H352 and the ram, H2077 the sacrifice H2077 of peace-offerings, H5971 which was for the people: H175 and Aaron's H1121 sons H4672 delivered H1818 unto him the blood, H2236 which he sprinkled H4196 upon the altar H5439 round about,
  19 H2459 and the fat H7794 of the ox H352 and of the ram, H451 the fat tail, H4374 and that which covereth H3629 the inwards, and the kidneys, H3508 and the caul H3516 of the liver:
  20 H7760 and they put H2459 the fat H2373 upon the breasts, H6999 and he burnt H2459 the fat H4196 upon the altar:
  21 H2373 and the breasts H3225 and the right H7785 thigh H175 Aaron H5130 waved H8573 for a wave-offering H6440 before H3068 Jehovah; H4872 as Moses H6680 commanded.
  22 H175 And Aaron H5375 lifted up H3027 his hands H5971 toward the people, H1288 and blessed H3381 them; and he came down H6213 from offering H6213 the sin-offering, H6213 and the burnt-offering, H2403 and the peace-offerings.
  23 H4872 And Moses H175 and Aaron H935 went H168 into the tent H4150 of meeting, H3318 and came out, H1288 and blessed H5971 the people: H3519 and the glory H3068 of Jehovah H7200 appeared H5971 unto all the people.
  24 H3318 And there came H784 forth fire H6440 from before H3068 Jehovah, H398 and consumed H4196 upon the altar H5930 the burnt-offering H2459 and the fat: H5971 and when all the people H7200 saw H7442 it, they shouted, H5307 and fell H6440 on their faces.