Lamentations 4

  1 H2091 How is the gold H6004 become dim! H2896 how is the most H3800 pure gold H8132 changed! H68 The stones H6944 of the sanctuary H8210 are poured out H7218 at the head H2351 of every street.
  2 H3368 The precious H1121 sons H6726 of Zion, H5537 comparable H6337 to fine gold, H2803 How are they esteemed H2789 as earthen H5035 pitchers, H4639 the work H3027 of the hands H3335 of the potter!
  3 H8577 Even the jackals H2502 draw out H7699 the breast, H3243 they give suck H1482 to their young ones: H1323 The daughter H5971 of my people H393 is become cruel, H3283 like the ostriches H4057 in the wilderness.
  4 H3956 The tongue H3243 of the sucking child H1692 cleaveth H2441 to the roof of his mouth H6772 for thirst: H5768 The young children H7592 ask H3899 bread, H6566 and no man breaketh it unto them.
  5 H398 They that did feed H4574 delicately H8074 are desolate H2351 in the streets: H539 They that were brought up H8438 in scarlet H2263 embrace H830 dunghills.
  6 H5771 For the iniquity H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people H1431 is greater H2403 than the sin H5467 of Sodom, H2015 That was overthrown H7281 as in a moment, H3027 and no hands H2342 were laid upon her.
  7 H5139 Her nobles H2141 were purer H7950 than snow, H6705 they were whiter H2461 than milk; H119 They were more ruddy H6106 in body H6443 than rubies, H1508 their polishing H5601 was as of sapphire.
  8 H8389 Their visage H2821 is blacker H7815 than a coal; H5234 They are not known H2351 in the streets: H5785 Their skin H6821 cleaveth H6106 to their bones; H3001 it is withered, H6086 it is become like a stick.
  9 H2491 They that are slain H2719 with the sword H2896 are better H2491 than they that are slain H7458 with hunger; H1992 For these H2100 pine away, H1856 stricken H8570 through, for want of the fruits H7704 of the field.
  10 H3027 The hands H7362 of the pitiful H802 women H1310 have boiled H3206 their own children; H1262 They were their food H7667 in the destruction H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people.
  11 H3068 Jehovah H3615 hath accomplished H2534 his wrath, H8210 he hath poured out H2740 his fierce H639 anger; H3341 And he hath kindled H784 a fire H6726 in Zion, H398 which hath devoured H3247 the foundations thereof.
  12 H4428 The kings H776 of the earth H539 believed H3427 not, neither all the inhabitants H8398 of the world, H6862 That the adversary H341 and the enemy H935 would enter H8179 into the gates H3389 of Jerusalem.
  13 H2403 It is because of the sins H5030 of her prophets, H5771 and the iniquities H3548 of her priests, H8210 That have shed H1818 the blood H6662 of the just H7130 in the midst of her.
  14 H5128 They wander H5787 as blind H2351 men in the streets, H1351 they are polluted H1818 with blood, H3201 So that men cannot H3808   H5060 touch H3830 their garments.
  15 H5493 Depart H7121 ye, they cried H2931 unto them, Unclean! H5493 depart, H5493 depart, H5060 touch H5132 not! When they fled away H5128 and wandered, H559 men said H1471 among the nations, H3254 They shall no more H1481 sojourn here.
  16 H6440 The anger H3068 of Jehovah H2505 hath scattered H3254 them; He will no more H5027 regard H5375 them: They respected H6440 not the persons H3548 of the priests, H2603 they favored H2205 not the elders.
  17 H5869 Our eyes H3615 do yet fail H1892 in looking for our vain H5833 help: H6836 In our watching H6822 we have watched H1471 for a nation H3467 that could not save.
  18 H6679 They hunt H6806 our steps, H3212 so that we cannot go H7339 in our streets: H7093 Our end H7126 is near, H3117 our days H4390 are fulfilled; H7093 for our end H935 is come.
  19 H7291 Our pursuers H7031 were swifter H5404 than the eagles H8064 of the heavens: H1814 They chased H2022 us upon the mountains, H693 they laid wait H4057 for us in the wilderness.
  20 H7307 The breath H639 of our nostrils, H4899 the anointed H3068 of Jehovah, H3920 was taken H7825 in their pits; H559 Of whom we said, H6738 Under his shadow H2421 we shall live H1471 among the nations.
  21 H7797 Rejoice H8055 and be glad, H1323 O daughter H123 of Edom, H3427 that dwellest H776 in the land H5780 of Uz: H3563 The cup H5674 shall pass H7937 through unto thee also; thou shalt be drunken, H6168 and shalt make thyself naked.
  22 H5771 The punishment of thine iniquity H8552 is accomplished, H1323 O daughter H6726 of Zion; H3254 He will no more H1540 carry thee away into captivity: H6485 He will visit H5771 thine iniquity, H1323 O daughter H123 of Edom; H1540 he will uncover H2403 thy sins.