Lamentations 3

  1 H1397 I am the man H7200 that hath seen H6040 affliction H7626 by the rod H5678 of his wrath.
  2 H5090 He hath led H3212 me and caused H2822 me to walk in darkness, H216 and not in light.
  3 H7725 Surely against me he turneth H3027 his hand H2015 again H3117 and again all the day.
  4 H1320 My flesh H5785 and my skin H1086 hath he made old; H7665 he hath broken H6106 my bones.
  5 H1129 He hath builded against H5362 me, and compassed H7219 me with gall H8513 and travail.
  6 H3427 He hath made H4285 me to dwell in dark places, H5769 as those that have been long H4191 dead.
  7 H1443 He hath walled H3318 me about, that I cannot go forth; H5178 he hath made my chain H3513 heavy.
  8 H2199 Yea, when I cry, H2199 and call H5640 for help, he shutteth out H8605 my prayer.
  9 H1443 He hath walled H1870 up my ways H1496 with hewn stone; H5410 he hath made my paths H5753 crooked.
  10 H1677 He is unto me as a bear H693 lying in wait, H738 as a lion H4565 in secret places.
  11 H5493 He hath turned aside H1870 my ways, H6582 and pulled me in pieces; H7760 he hath made H8074 me desolate.
  12 H1869 He hath bent H7198 his bow, H5324 and set H4307 me as a mark H2671 for the arrow.
  13 H1121 He hath caused the shafts H827 of his quiver H935 to enter H3629 into my reins.
  14 H7814 I am become a derision H5971 to all my people, H5058 and their song H3117 all the day.
  15 H7646 He hath filled H4844 me with bitterness, H7301 he hath sated H3939 me with wormwood.
  16 H1638 He hath also broken H8127 my teeth H2687 with gravel stones; H3728 he hath covered H665 me with ashes.
  17 H2186 And thou hast removed H5315 my soul H2186 far off H7965 from peace; H5382 I forgat H2896 prosperity.
  18 H559 And I said, H5331 My strength H6 is perished, H8431 and mine expectation H3068 from Jehovah.
  19 H2142 Remember H6040 mine affliction H4788 and my misery, H3939 the wormwood H7219 and the gall.
  20 H5315 My soul H2142 hath them still H2142 in remembrance, H7743 and is bowed down within me.
  21 H7725 This I recall H3820 to my mind; H3176 therefore have I hope.
  22 H3068 It is of Jehovah's H2617 lovingkindnesses H8552 that we are not consumed, H7356 because his compassions H3615 fail not.
  23 H2319 They are new H1242 every morning; H7227 great H530 is thy faithfulness.
  24 H3068 Jehovah H2506 is my portion, H559 saith H5315 my soul; H3176 therefore will I hope in him.
  25 H3068 Jehovah H2896 is good H6960 unto them that wait H5315 for him, to the soul H1875 that seeketh him.
  26 H2896 It is good H3175 that a man should hope H1748 and quietly wait H8668 for the salvation H3068 of Jehovah.
  27 H2896 It is good H1397 for a man H5375 that he bear H5923 the yoke H5271 in his youth.
  28 H3427 Let him sit H910 alone H1826 and keep silence, H5190 because he hath laid it upon him.
  29 H6310 Let him put his mouth H6083 in the dust, H3426 if so be H3426 there may be H8615 hope.
  30 H5414 Let him give H3895 his cheek H5221 to him that smiteth H7646 him; let him be filled full H2781 with reproach.
  31 H136 For the Lord H2186 will not cast off H5769 for ever.
  32 H3013 For though he cause grief, H7355 yet will he have compassion H7230 according to the multitude H2617 of his lovingkindnesses.
  33 H6031 For he doth not afflict H3820 willingly, H3013 nor grieve H1121 the children H376 of men.
  34 H1792 To crush H7272 under foot H615 all the prisoners H776 of the earth,
  35 H5186 To turn aside H4941 the right H1397 of a man H6440 before the face H5945 of the Most High,
  36 H5791 To subvert H120 a man H7379 in his cause, H136 the Lord H7200 approveth not.
  37 H559 Who is he that saith, H136 and it cometh to pass, when the Lord H6680 commandeth it not?
  38 H6310 Out of the mouth H5945 of the Most High H3318 cometh H7451 there not evil H2896 and good?
  39 H2416 Wherefore doth a living H120 man H596 complain, H1397 a man H2399 for the punishment of his sins?
  40 H2664 Let us search H2713 and try H1870 our ways, H7725 and turn again H3068 to Jehovah.
  41 H5375 Let us lift up H3824 our heart H3709 with our hands H410 unto God H8064 in the heavens.
  42 H5168 We H6586 have transgressed H4784 and have rebelled; H5545 thou hast not pardoned.
  43 H5526 Thou hast covered H639 with anger H7291 and pursued H2026 us; thou hast slain, H2550 thou hast not pitied.
  44 H5526 Thou hast covered H6051 thyself with a cloud, H8605 so that no prayer H5674 can pass through.
  45 H7760 Thou hast made H5501 us an off-scouring H3973 and refuse H7130 in the midst H5971 of the peoples.
  46 H341 All our enemies H6475 have opened H6310 their mouth wide against us.
  47 H6343 Fear H6354 and the pit H7612 are come upon us, devastation H7667 and destruction.
  48 H5869 Mine eye H3381 runneth down H6388 with streams H4325 of water, H7667 for the destruction H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people.
  49 H5869 Mine eye H5064 poureth down, H1820 and ceaseth H2014 not, without any intermission,
  50 H3068 Till Jehovah H8259 look down, H7200 and behold H8064 from heaven.
  51 H5869 Mine eye H5953 affecteth H5315 my soul, H1323 because of all the daughters H5892 of my city.
  52 H6679 They have chased H6679 me sore H6833 like a bird, H341 they that are mine enemies H2600 without cause.
  53 H6789 They have cut off H2416 my life H953 in the dungeon, H3034 and have cast H68 a stone upon me.
  54 H4325 Waters H6687 flowed over H7218 my head; H559 I said, H1504 I am cut off.
  55 H7121 I called H8034 upon thy name, H3068 O Jehovah, H8482 out of the lowest H953 dungeon.
  56 H8085 Thou heardest H6963 my voice; H5956 hide H241 not thine ear H7309 at my breathing, H7775 at my cry.
  57 H7126 Thou drewest near H3117 in the day H7121 that I called H559 upon thee; thou saidst, H3372 Fear not.
  58 H136 O Lord, H7378 thou hast pleaded H7379 the causes H5315 of my soul; H1350 thou hast redeemed H2416 my life.
  59 H3068 O Jehovah, H7200 thou hast seen H5792 my wrong; H8199 judge H4941 thou my cause.
  60 H7200 Thou hast seen H5360 all their vengeance H4284 and all their devices against me.
  61 H8085 Thou hast heard H2781 their reproach, H3068 O Jehovah, H4284 and all their devices against me,
  62 H8193 The lips H6965 of those that rose up H1902 against me, and their device H3117 against me all the day.
  63 H5027 Behold H3427 thou their sitting down, H7012 and their rising up; H4485 I am their song.
  64 H7725 Thou wilt render H1576 unto them a recompense, H3068 O Jehovah, H4639 according to the work H3027 of their hands.
  65 H5414 Thou wilt give H4044 them hardness H3820 of heart, H8381 thy curse unto them.
  66 H7291 Thou wilt pursue H639 them in anger, H8045 and destroy H8064 them from under the heavens H3068 of Jehovah.