Jeremiah 33:17-21

  17 H559 For thus saith H3068 Jehovah: H1732 David H3808 shall never H3772 want H376 a man H3427 to sit H3678 upon the throne H1004 of the house H3478 of Israel;
  18 H3548 neither shall the priests H3881 the Levites H3772 want H376 a man H6440 before H5927 me to offer H5930 burnt-offerings, H6999 and to burn H5930 meal-offerings, H6213 and to do H2077 sacrifice H3117 continually.
  19 H1697 And the word H3068 of Jehovah H3414 came unto Jeremiah, H559 saying,
  20 H559 Thus saith H3068 Jehovah: H6565 If ye can break H1285 my covenant H3117 of the day, H1285 and my covenant H3915 of the night, H3119 so that there shall not be day H3915 and night H6256 in their season;
  21 H1285 then may also my covenant H6565 be broken H1732 with David H5650 my servant, H1121 that he shall not have a son H4427 to reign H3678 upon his throne; H3881 and with the Levites H3548 the priests, H8334 my ministers.