Isaiah 63:1-6

  1 H935 Who is this that cometh H123 from Edom, H2556 with dyed H899 garments H1224 from Bozrah? H1921 this that is glorious H3830 in his apparel, H6808 marching H7230 in the greatness H3581 of his strength? H1696 I that speak H6666 in righteousness, H7227 mighty H3467 to save.
  2 H122 Wherefore art thou red H3830 in thine apparel, H899 and thy garments H1869 like him that treadeth H1660 in the winevat?
  3 H1869 I have trodden H6333 the winepress H5971 alone; and of the peoples H376 there was no H1869 man with me: yea, I trod H639 them in mine anger, H7429 and trampled H2534 them in my wrath; H5332 and their lifeblood H5137 is sprinkled H899 upon my garments, H1351 and I have stained H4403 all my raiment.
  4 H3117 For the day H5359 of vengeance H3820 was in my heart, H8141 and the year H1350 of my redeemed H935 is come.
  5 H5027 And I looked, H5826 and there was none to help; H8074 and I wondered H5564 that there was none to uphold: H2220 therefore mine own arm H3467 brought salvation H2534 unto me; and my wrath, H5564 it upheld me.
  6 H947 And I trod down H5971 the peoples H639 in mine anger, H7937 and made them drunk H2534 in my wrath, H3381 and I poured H5332 out their lifeblood H776 on the earth.