Isaiah 61:1-3

  1 H7307 The Spirit H136 of the Lord H3068 Jehovah H3068 is upon me; because Jehovah H4886 hath anointed H1319 me to preach good tidings H6035 unto the meek; H7971 he hath sent H2280 me to bind up H7665 the broken-hearted, H7121 to proclaim H1865 liberty H7617 to the captives, H6495 and the opening of the prison H631 to them that are bound;
  2 H7121 to proclaim H8141 the year H3068 of Jehovah's H7522 favor, H3117 and the day H5359 of vengeance H430 of our God; H5162 to comfort H57 all that mourn;
  3 H7760 to appoint H57 unto them that mourn H6726 in Zion, H5414 to give H6287 unto them a garland H665 for ashes, H8081 the oil H8342 of joy H60 for mourning, H4594 the garment H8416 of praise H7307 for the spirit H3544 of heaviness; H7121 that they may be called H352 trees H6664 of righteousness, H4302 the planting H3068 of Jehovah, H6286 that he may be glorified.