Isaiah 31:1-3

  1 H1945 Woe H3381 to them that go down H4714 to Egypt H5833 for help, H8172 and rely H5483 on horses, H982 and trust H7393 in chariots H7227 because they are many, H6571 and in horsemen H3966 because they are very H6105 strong, H8159 but they look H6918 not unto the Holy One H3478 of Israel, H1875 neither seek H3068 Jehovah!
  2 H2450 Yet he also is wise, H935 and will bring H7451 evil, H5493 and will not call back H1697 his words, H6965 but will arise H1004 against the house H7489 of the evil-doers, H5833 and against the help H6466 of them that work H205 iniquity.
  3 H4714 Now the Egyptians H120 are men, H410 and not God; H5483 and their horses H1320 flesh, H7307 and not spirit: H3068 and when Jehovah H5186 shall stretch out H3027 his hand, H5826 both he that helpeth H3782 shall stumble, H5826 and he that is helped H5307 shall fall, H3615 and they all shall be consumed H3162 together.