Genesis 35:23-26

  23 H1121 the sons H3812 of Leah: H7205 Reuben, H3290 Jacob's H1060 first-born, H8095 and Simeon, H3878 and Levi, H3063 and Judah, H3485 and Issachar, H2074 and Zebulun;
  24 H1121 the sons H7354 of Rachel: H3130 Joseph H1144 and Benjamin;
  25 H1121 and the sons H1090 of Bilhah, H7354 Rachel's H8198 handmaid: H1835 Dan H5321 and Naphtali;
  26 H1121 and the sons H2153 of Zilpah, H3812 Leah's H8198 handmaid: H1410 Gad H836 and Asher: H1121 these are the sons H3290 of Jacob, H3205 that were born H6307 to him in Paddan-aram.