Genesis 22:16-18

  16 H559 and said, H7650 By myself have I sworn, H5002 saith H3068 Jehovah, H3282 because H6213 thou hast done H1697 this thing, H3808 and hast not H2820 withheld H1121 thy son, H3173 thine only son,
  17 H1288 that in blessing H1288 I will bless H7235 thee, and in multiplying H7235 I will multiply H2233 thy seed H3556 as the stars H8064 of the heavens, H2344 and as the sand H3220 which is upon the H8193 seashore; H2233 and thy seed H3423 shall possess H8179 the gate H341 of his enemies;
  18 H2233 and in thy seed H1471 shall all the nations H776 of the earth H1288 be blessed; H834 because H8085 thou hast obeyed H6963 my voice.