Ezekiel 17:16-20

  16 H2416 As I live, H5002 saith H136 the Lord H3069 Jehovah, H4725 surely in the place H4428 where the king H4427 dwelleth that made him king, H423 whose oath H959 he despised, H1285 and whose covenant H6565 he brake, H8432 even with him in the midst H894 of Babylon H4191 he shall die.
  17 H6547 Neither shall Pharaoh H1419 with his mighty H2428 army H7227 and great H6951 company H6213 help H4421 him in the war, H8210 when they cast up H5550 mounds H1129 and build H1785 forts, H3772 to cut off H7227 many H5315 persons.
  18 H959 For he hath despised H423 the oath H6565 by breaking H1285 the covenant; H5414 and behold, he had given H3027 his hand, H6213 and yet hath done H4422 all these things; he shall not escape.
  19 H559 Therefore thus saith H136 the Lord H3069 Jehovah: H2416 As I live, H423 surely mine oath H959 that he hath despised, H1285 and my covenant H6331 that he hath broken, H5414 I will even bring H7218 it upon his own head.
  20 H6566 And I will spread H7568 my net H8610 upon him, and he shall be taken H4686 in my snare, H935 and I will bring H894 him to Babylon, H8199 and will enter into judgment H4603 with him there for his trespass H4604 that he hath trespassed against me.