Deuteronomy 5:22-26

  22 H1697 These words H3068 Jehovah H1696 spake H6951 unto all your assembly H2022 in the mount H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire, H6051 of the cloud, H6205 and of the thick darkness, H1419 with a great H6963 voice: H3254 and he added no more. H3789 And he wrote H8147 them upon two H3871 tables H68 of stone, H5414 and gave them unto me.
  23 H8085 And it came to pass, when ye heard H6963 the voice H8432 out of the midst H2822 of the darkness, H2022 while the mountain H1197 was burning H784 with fire, H7126 that ye came near H7218 unto me, even all the heads H7626 of your tribes, H2205 and your elders;
  24 H559 and ye said, H3068 Behold, Jehovah H430 our God H7200 hath showed H3519 us his glory H1433 and his greatness, H8085 and we have heard H6963 his voice H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire: H7200 we have seen H3117 this day H430 that God H1696 doth speak H120 with man, H2425 and he liveth.
  25 H4191 Now therefore why should we die? H1419 for this great H784 fire H398 will consume H8085 us: if we hear H6963 the voice H3068 of Jehovah H430 our God H3254 any more, H4191 then we shall die.
  26 H1320 For who is there of all flesh, H8085 that hath heard H6963 the voice H2416 of the living H430 God H1696 speaking H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire, H2421 as we have, and lived?