Deuteronomy 4:23-25

  23 H8104 Take heed H7911 unto yourselves, lest ye forget H1285 the covenant H3068 of Jehovah H430 your God, H3772 which he made H6213 with you, and make H6459 you a graven image H8544 in the form H3605 of anything H3068 which Jehovah H430 thy God H6680 hath forbidden thee.
  24 H3068 For Jehovah H430 thy God H398 is a devouring H784 fire, H7067 a jealous H430 God.
  25 H3205 When thou shalt beget H1121 children, H1121 and children's H1121 children, H3462 and ye shall have been long H776 in the land, H7843 and shall corrupt H6213 yourselves, and make H6459 a graven image H8544 in the form H6213 of anything, and shall do H7451 that which is evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of Jehovah H430 thy God, H3707 to provoke him to anger;