Deuteronomy 28:31-33

  31 H7794 Thine ox H2873 shall be slain H5869 before thine eyes, H398 and thou shalt not eat H2543 thereof: thine ass H1497 shall be violently taken away H6440 from before thy face, H7725 and shall not be restored H6629 to thee: thy sheep H5414 shall be given H341 unto thine enemies, H3467 and thou shalt have none to save thee.
  32 H1121 Thy sons H1323 and thy daughters H5414 shall be given H312 unto another H5971 people; H5869 and thine eyes H7200 shall look, H3616 and fail H3117 with longing for them all the day: H410 and there shall be nought in the power H3027 of thy hand.
  33 H6529 The fruit H127 of thy ground, H3018 and all thy labors, H5971 shall a nation H3045 which thou knowest H398 not eat up; H6231 and thou shalt be only oppressed H7533 and crushed H3117 alway;