Deuteronomy 17

  1 H2076 Thou shalt not sacrifice H3068 unto Jehovah H430 thy God H7794 an ox, H7716 or a sheep, H3971 wherein is a blemish, H7451 or anything evil; H8441 for that is an abomination H3068 unto Jehovah H430 thy God.
  2 H4672 If there be found H7130 in the midst H259 of thee, within any H8179 of thy gates H3068 which Jehovah H430 thy God H5414 giveth H376 thee, man H802 or woman, H6213 that doeth H7451 that which is evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of Jehovah H430 thy God, H5674 in transgressing H1285 his covenant,
  3 H3212 and hath gone H5647 and served H312 other H430 gods, H7812 and worshipped H8121 them, or the sun, H3394 or the moon, H6635 or any of the host H8064 of heaven, H6680 which I have not commanded;
  4 H5046 and it be told H8085 thee, and thou hast heard H1875 of it, then shalt thou inquire H3190 diligently; H571 and, behold, if it be true, H1697 and the thing H3559 certain, H8441 that such abomination H6213 is wrought H3478 in Israel,
  5 H3318 then shalt thou bring forth H376 that man H802 or that woman, H6213 who hath done H7451 this evil H1697 thing, H8179 unto thy gates, H376 even the man H802 or the woman; H5619 and thou shalt stone H4191 them to death H5619 with stones.
  6 H6310 At the mouth H8147 of two H5707 witnesses, H7969 or three H5707 witnesses, H4191 shall he that is to die H4191 be put to death; H6310 at the mouth H259 of one H5707 witness H4191 he shall not be put to death.
  7 H3027 The hand H5707 of the witnesses H7223 shall be first H4191 upon him to put him to death, H314 and afterward H3027 the hand H5971 of all the people. H1197 So thou shalt put H1197 away H7451 the evil H7130 from the midst of thee.
  8 H1697 If there arise a matter H6381 too hard H4941 for thee in judgment, H1818 between blood H1818 and blood, H1779 between plea H1779 and plea, H5061 and between stroke H5061 and stroke, H1697 being matters H7379 of controversy H8179 within thy gates; H6965 then shalt thou arise, H5927 and get thee up H4725 unto the place H3068 which Jehovah H430 thy God H977 shall choose;
  9 H935 and thou shalt come H3548 unto the priests H3881 the Levites, H8199 and unto the judge H3117 that shall be in those days: H1875 and thou shalt inquire; H5046 and they shall show H1697 thee the sentence H4941 of judgment.
  10 H6213 And thou shalt do H6310 according to the tenor of the sentence H5046 which they shall show H4725 thee from that place H3068 which Jehovah H977 shall choose; H8104 and thou shalt observe H6213 to do H3384 according to all that they shall teach thee:
  11 H6310 according to the tenor H8451 of the law H3384 which they shall teach H4941 thee, and according to the judgment H559 which they shall tell H6213 thee, thou shalt do; H5493 thou shalt not turn aside H1697 from the sentence H5046 which they shall show H3225 thee, to the right hand, H8040 nor to the left.
  12 H376 And the man H6213 that doeth H2087 presumptuously, H8085 in not hearkening H3548 unto the priest H5975 that standeth H8334 to minister H3068 there before Jehovah H430 thy God, H8199 or unto the judge, H376 even that man H4191 shall die: H1197 and thou shalt put away H7451 the evil H3478 from Israel.
  13 H5971 And all the people H8085 shall hear, H3372 and fear, H2102 and do no more presumptuously.
  14 H935 When thou art come H776 unto the land H3068 which Jehovah H430 thy God H5414 giveth H3423 thee, and shalt possess H3427 it, and shalt dwell H559 therein, and shalt say, H7760 I will set H4428 a king H1471 over me, like all the nations H5439 that are round about me;
  15 H7760 thou shalt surely H7760 set H4428 him king H3068 over thee, whom Jehovah H430 thy God H977 shall choose: H7130 one from among H251 thy brethren H7760 shalt thou set H4428 king H3201 over thee; thou mayest H5414 not put H5237 a foreigner H251 over thee, who is not thy brother.
  16 H7235 Only he shall not multiply H5483 horses H5971 to himself, nor cause the people H7725 to return H4714 to Egypt, H7235 to the end that he may multiply H5483 horses; H3068 forasmuch as Jehovah H559 hath said H3254 unto you, Ye shall henceforth H7725 return H1870 no more that way.
  17 H7235 Neither shall he multiply H802 wives H3824 to himself, that his heart H5493 turn H3966 not away: neither shall he greatly H7235 multiply H3701 to himself silver H2091 and gold.
  18 H3427 And it shall be, when he sitteth H3678 upon the throne H4467 of his kingdom, H3789 that he shall write H4932 him a copy H8451 of this law H5612 in a book, H6440 out of that which is before H3548 the priests H3881 the Levites:
  19 H7121 and it shall be with him, and he shall read H3117 therein all the days H2416 of his life; H3925 that he may learn H3372 to fear H3068 Jehovah H430 his God, H8104 to keep H1697 all the words H8451 of this law H2706 and these statutes, H6213 to do them;
  20 H3824 that his heart H7311 be not lifted up H251 above his brethren, H5493 and that he turn not aside H4687 from the commandment, H3225 to the right hand, H8040 or to the left: H748 to the end that he may prolong H3117 his days H4467 in his kingdom, H1121 he and his children, H7130 in the midst H3478 of Israel.