Daniel 2:46-48

  46 H116 Then H4430 the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H5308 fell H5922 upon H600 his face, H5457 and worshipped H1841 Daniel, H560 and commanded H5260 that they should offer H4504 an oblation H5208 and sweet odors unto him.
  47 H4430 The king H6032 answered H1841 unto Daniel, H560 and said, H4481 Of H7187 a truth H1768 your H426 God H426 is the God H426 of gods, H4756 and the Lord H4430 of kings, H1541 and a revealer H7328 of secrets, H3202 seeing thou hast been able to H1541 reveal H1836 this H7328 secret.
  48 H116 Then H4430 the king H7236 made H1841 Daniel H7260 great, H3052 and gave H7236 him many H7260 great H4978 gifts, H7981 and made him to rule H5922 over H3606 the whole H4083 province H895 of Babylon, H7229 and to be chief H5460 governor H5922 over H3606 all H2445 the wise H895 men of Babylon.