Daniel 2:1-3

  1 H8147 And in the second H8141 year H4438 of the reign H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar, H5019 Nebuchadnezzar H2492 dreamed H2472 dreams; H7307 and his spirit H6470 was troubled, H8142 and his sleep H1961 went from him.
  2 H4428 Then the king H559 commanded H7121 to call H2748 the magicians, H825 and the enchanters, H3784 and the sorcerers, H3778 and the Chaldeans, H5046 to tell H4428 the king H2472 his dreams. H935 So they came H5975 in and stood H6440 before H4428 the king.
  3 H4428 And the king H559 said H2492 unto them, I have dreamed H2472 a dream, H7307 and my spirit H6470 is troubled H3045 to know H2472 the dream.