Amos 8:4-6

  4 H8085 Hear H7602 this, O ye that would swallow up H34 the needy, H7673 and cause H6041 the poor H776 of the land H7673 to fail,
  5 H559 saying, H2320 When will the new moon H5674 be gone, H7666 that we may sell H7668 grain? H7676 and the sabbath, H6605 that we may set forth H1250 wheat, H374 making the ephah H6994 small, H8255 and the shekel H1431 great, H5791 and dealing falsely H3976 with balances H4820 of deceit;
  6 H7069 that we may buy H1800 the poor H3701 for silver, H34 and the needy H5275 for a pair of shoes, H7666 and sell H4651 the refuse H1250 of the wheat?