2 Samuel 16

  1 H1732 And when David H4592 was a little H5674 past H7218 the top H6717 of the ascent, behold, Ziba H5288 the servant H4648 of Mephibosheth H7125 met H6776 him, with a couple H2543 of asses H2280 saddled, H3967 and upon them two hundred H3899 loaves of bread, H3967 and a hundred H6778 clusters of raisins, H3967 and a hundred H7019 of summer fruits, H5035 and a bottle H3196 of wine.
  2 H4428 And the king H559 said H6717 unto Ziba, H6717 What meanest thou by these? And Ziba H559 said, H2543 The asses H4428 are for the king's H1004 household H7392 to ride on; H3899 and the bread H7019 and summer fruit H5288 for the young men H398 to eat; H3196 and the wine, H3287 that such as are faint H4057 in the wilderness H8354 may drink.
  3 H4428 And the king H559 said, H113 And where is thy master's H1121 son? H6717 And Ziba H559 said H4428 unto the king, H3427 Behold, he abideth H3389 at Jerusalem; H559 for he said, H3117 To-day H1004 will the house H3478 of Israel H7725 restore H4468 me the kingdom H1 of my father.
  4 H559 Then said H4428 the king H6717 to Ziba, H4648 Behold, thine is all that pertaineth unto Mephibosheth. H6717 And Ziba H559 said, H7812 I do obeisance; H4672 let me find H2580 favor H5869 in thy sight, H113 my lord, H4428 O king.
  5 H4428 And when king H1732 David H935 came H980 to Bahurim, H3318 behold, there came out H376 thence a man H4940 of the family H1004 of the house H7586 of Saul, H8034 whose name H8096 was Shimei, H1121 the son H1617 of Gera; H3318 he came out, H7043 and cursed H3318 still as he came.
  6 H5619 And he cast H68 stones H1732 at David, H5650 and at all the servants H4428 of king H1732 David: H5971 and all the people H1368 and all the mighty men H3225 were on his right hand H8040 and on his left.
  7 H559 And thus said H8096 Shimei H7043 when he cursed, H3318 Begone, H3318 begone, H376 thou man H1818 of blood, H1100 and base H376 fellow:
  8 H3068 Jehovah H7725 hath returned H1818 upon thee all the blood H1004 of the house H7586 of Saul, H4427 in whose stead thou hast reigned; H3068 and Jehovah H5414 hath delivered H4410 the kingdom H3027 into the hand H53 of Absalom H1121 thy son; H7451 and, behold, thou art taken in thine own mischief, H376 because thou art a man H1818 of blood.
  9 H559 Then said H52 Abishai H1121 the son H6870 of Zeruiah H4428 unto the king, H4191 Why should this dead H3611 dog H7043 curse H113 my lord H4428 the king? H5674 let me go over, H5493 I pray thee, and take off H7218 his head.
  10 H4428 And the king H559 said, H1121 What have I to do with you, ye sons H6870 of Zeruiah? H7043 Because he curseth, H3068 and because Jehovah H559 hath said H7043 unto him, Curse H1732 David; H559 who then shall say, H6213 Wherefore hast thou done so?
  11 H1732 And David H559 said H52 to Abishai, H5650 and to all his servants, H1121 Behold, my son, H3318 who came forth H4578 from my bowels, H1245 seeketh H5315 my life: H1145 how much more may this Benjamite H3240 now do it? let him alone, H7043 and let him curse; H3068 for Jehovah H559 hath bidden him.
  12 H3068 It may be that Jehovah H7200 will look H5869 on the wrong H3068 done unto me, and that Jehovah H7725 will requite H2896 me good H7045 for his cursing H3117 of me this day.
  13 H1732 So David H582 and his men H3212 went H1870 by the way; H8096 and Shimei H1980 went along H2022 on the hill-side H6763   H5980 over against H7043 him, and cursed H1980 as he went, H5619 and threw H68 stones H5980 at H6080 him, and cast H6083 dust.
  14 H4428 And the king, H5971 and all the people H935 that were with him, came H5889 weary; H5314 and he refreshed himself there.
  15 H53 And Absalom, H5971 and all the people, H376 the men H3478 of Israel, H935 came H3389 to Jerusalem, H302 and Ahithophel with him.
  16 H2365 And it came to pass, when Hushai H757 the Archite, H1732 David's H7463 friend, H935 was come H53 unto Absalom, H2365 that Hushai H559 said H53 unto Absalom, H2421 Long live H4428 the king, H2421 Long live H4428 the king.
  17 H53 And Absalom H559 said H2365 to Hushai, H2617 Is this thy kindness H7453 to thy friend? H1980 why wentest H7453 thou not with thy friend?
  18 H2365 And Hushai H559 said H53 unto Absalom, H3068 Nay; but whom Jehovah, H5971 and this people, H376 and all the men H3478 of Israel H977 have chosen, H3427 his will I be, and with him will I abide.
  19 H8145 And again, H5647 whom should I serve? H6440 should I not serve in the presence H1121 of his son? H5647 as I have served H1 in thy father's H6440 presence, H6440 so will I be in thy presence.
  20 H559 Then said H53 Absalom H302 to Ahithophel, H3051 Give H6098 your counsel H6213 what we shall do.
  21 H302 And Ahithophel H559 said H53 unto Absalom, H935 Go in H1 unto thy father's H6370 concubines, H3240 that he hath left H8104 to keep H1004 the house; H3478 and all Israel H8085 will hear H887 that thou art abhorred H1 of thy father: H3027 then will the hands H2388 of all that are with thee be strong.
  22 H5186 So they spread H53 Absalom H168 a tent H1406 upon the top of the house; H53 and Absalom H935 went in H1 unto his father's H6370 concubines H5869 in the sight H3478 of all Israel.
  23 H6098 And the counsel H302 of Ahithophel, H3289 which he gave H3117 in those days, H376 was as if a man H7592 inquired H1697 at the oracle H430 of God: H6098 so was all the counsel H302 of Ahithophel H1732 both with David H53 and with Absalom.