2 Kings 6

  1 H1121 And the sons H5030 of the prophets H559 said H6440 unto H477 Elisha, H4725 Behold now, the place H3427 where we dwell H6862 before thee is too strait for us.
  2 H3212 Let us go, H3383 we pray thee, unto the Jordan, H3947 and take H376 thence every man H259 a H6982 beam, H6213 and let us make H4725 us a place H3427 there, where we may dwell. H559 And he answered, H3212 Go ye.
  3 H259 And one H559 said, H2974 Be pleased, H3212 I pray thee, to go H5650 with thy servants. H559 And he answered, H3212 I will go.
  4 H3212 So he went H935 with them. And when they came H3383 to the Jordan, H1504 they cut down H6086 wood.
  5 H259 But as one H5307 was felling H6982 a beam, H1270 the axe-head H5307 fell H4325 into the water; H6817 and he cried, H559 and said, H162 Alas, H113 my master! H7592 for it was borrowed.
  6 H376 And the man H430 of God H559 said, H575 Where H5307 fell H7200 it? And he showed H4725 him the place. H7094 And he cut down H6086 a stick, H7993 and cast H1270 it in thither, and made the iron H6687 to swim.
  7 H559 And he said, H7311 Take it up H7971 to thee. So he put out H3027 his hand, H3947 and took it.
  8 H4428 Now the king H758 of Syria H3898 was warring H3478 against Israel; H3289 and he took counsel H5650 with his servants, H559 saying, H492 In such H6423 and such H4725 a place H8466 shall be my camp.
  9 H376 And the man H430 of God H7971 sent H4428 unto the king H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H8104 Beware H5674 that thou pass H2088 not such H4725 a place; H758 for thither the Syrians H5185 are coming down.
  10 H4428 And the king H3478 of Israel H7971 sent H4725 to the place H376 which the man H430 of God H559 told H2094 him and warned H8104 him of; and he saved H259 himself there, not once H8147 nor twice.
  11 H3820 And the heart H4428 of the king H758 of Syria H5590 was sore troubled H1697 for this thing; H7121 and he called H5650 his servants, H559 and said H5046 unto them, Will ye not show H4428 me which of us is for the king H3478 of Israel?
  12 H259 And one H5650 of his servants H559 said, H113 Nay, my lord, H4428 O king; H477 but Elisha, H5030 the prophet H3478 that is in Israel, H5046 telleth H4428 the king H3478 of Israel H1697 the words H1696 that thou speakest H2315 in thy bedchamber.
  13 H559 And he said, H3212 Go H7200 and see H351 where H7971 he is, that I may send H3947 and fetch H5046 him. And it was told H559 him, saying, H1886 Behold, he is in Dothan.
  14 H7971 Therefore sent H5483 he thither horses, H7393 and chariots, H3515 and a great H2428 host: H935 and they came H3915 by night, H5362 and compassed H5892 the city H5362 about.
  15 H8334 And when the servant H376 of the man H430 of God H6965 was risen H7925 early, H3318 and gone forth, H2428 behold, a host H5483 with horses H7393 and chariots H5437 was round about H5892 the city. H5288 And his servant H559 said H162 unto him, Alas, H113 my master! H6213 how shall we do?
  16 H559 And he answered, H3372 Fear H7227 not; for they that are with us are more than they that are with them.
  17 H477 And Elisha H6419 prayed, H559 and said, H3068 Jehovah, H6491 I pray thee, open H5869 his eyes, H7200 that he may see. H3068 And Jehovah H6491 opened H5869 the eyes H5288 of the young man; H7200 and he saw: H2022 and, behold, the mountain H4390 was full H5483 of horses H7393 and chariots H784 of fire H5439 round about H477 Elisha.
  18 H3381 And when they came down H477 to him, Elisha H6419 prayed H3068 unto Jehovah, H559 and said, H5221 Smite H1471 this people, H5575 I pray thee, with blindness. H5221 And he smote H5575 them with blindness H1697 according to the word H477 of Elisha.
  19 H477 And Elisha H559 said H1870 unto them, This is not the way, H2090 neither is this H5892 the city: H3212 follow H3212 me, and I will bring H376 you to the man H1245 whom ye seek. H3212 And he led H8111 them to Samaria.
  20 H935 And it came to pass, when they were come H8111 into Samaria, H477 that Elisha H559 said, H3068 Jehovah, H6491 open H5869 the eyes H7200 of these men, that they may see. H3068 And Jehovah H6491 opened H5869 their eyes, H7200 and they saw; H8432 and, behold, they were in the midst H8111 of Samaria.
  21 H4428 And the king H3478 of Israel H559 said H477 unto Elisha, H7200 when he saw H1 them, My father, H5221 shall I smite H5221 them? shall I smite them?
  22 H559 And he answered, H5221 Thou shalt not smite H5221 them: wouldest thou smite H7617 those whom thou hast taken captive H2719 with thy sword H7198 and with thy bow? H7760 set H3899 bread H4325 and water H6440 before H398 them, that they may eat H8354 and drink, H3212 and go H113 to their master.
  23 H3739 And he prepared H1419 great H3740 provision H398 for them; and when they had eaten H8354 and drunk, H7971 he sent them away, H3212 and they went H113 to their master. H1416 And the bands H758 of Syria H935 came H3254 no more H776 into the land H3478 of Israel.
  24 H310 And it came to pass after this, H1130 that Benhadad H4428 king H758 of Syria H6908 gathered H4264 all his host, H5927 and went up, H6696 and besieged H8111 Samaria.
  25 H1419 And there was a great H7458 famine H8111 in Samaria: H6696 and, behold, they besieged H2543 it, until an ass's H7218 head H8084 was sold for fourscore H3701 pieces of silver, H7255 and the fourth part H6894 of a kab H3123 of dove's dung H2568 for five H3701 pieces of silver.
  26 H4428 And as the king H3478 of Israel H5674 was passing by H2346 upon the wall, H6817 there cried H802 a woman H559 unto him, saying, H3467 Help, H113 my lord, H4428 O king.
  27 H559 And he said, H3068 If Jehovah H3467 do not help H370 thee, whence H3467 shall I help H1637 thee? out of the threshing-floor, H3342 or out of the winepress?
  28 H4428 And the king H559 said H559 unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, H802 This woman H559 said H5414 unto me, Give H1121 thy son, H398 that we may eat H3117 him to-day, H398 and we will eat H1121 my son H4279 to-morrow.
  29 H1310 So we boiled H1121 my son, H398 and did eat H559 him: and I said H312 unto her on the next H3117 day, H5414 Give H1121 thy son, H398 that we may eat H2244 him; and she hath hid H1121 her son.
  30 H4428 And it came to pass, when the king H8085 heard H1697 the words H802 of the woman, H7167 that he rent H899 his clothes H5674 (now he was passing by H2346 upon the wall); H5971 and the people H7200 looked, H8242 and, behold, he had sackcloth H1004 within H1320 upon his flesh.
  31 H559 Then he said, H430 God H6213 do H3254 so to me, and more H7218 also, if the head H477 of Elisha H1121 the son H8202 of Shaphat H5975 shall stand H3117 on him this day.
  32 H477 But Elisha H3427 was sitting H1004 in his house, H2205 and the elders H3427 were sitting H7971 with him; and the king sent H376 a man H6440 from before H4397 him: but ere the messenger H935 came H559 to him, he said H2205 to the elders, H7200 See H1121 ye how this son H7523 of a murderer H7971 hath sent H5493 to take away H7218 my head? H7200 look, H4397 when the messenger H935 cometh, H5462 shut H1817 the door, H1817 and hold the door H3905 fast H6963 against him: is not the sound H113 of his master's H7272 feet H310 behind him?
  33 H1696 And while he was yet talking H4397 with them, behold, the messenger H3381 came down H559 unto him: and he said, H7451 Behold, this evil H3068 is of Jehovah; H3176 why should I wait H3068 for Jehovah any longer?