2 Kings 20

  1 H3117 In those days H2396 was Hezekiah H2470 sick H4191 unto death. H3470 And Isaiah H5030 the prophet H1121 the son H531 of Amoz H935 came H559 to him, and said H559 unto him, Thus saith H3068 Jehovah, H1004 Set thy house H6680 in order: H4191 for thou shalt die, H2421 and not live.
  2 H5437 Then he turned H6440 his face H7023 to the wall, H6419 and prayed H3068 unto Jehovah, H559 saying,
  3 H2142 Remember H3068 now, O Jehovah, H577 I beseech H1980 thee, how I have walked H6440 before H571 thee in truth H8003 and with a perfect H3824 heart, H6213 and have done H2896 that which is good H5869 in thy sight. H2396 And Hezekiah H1058 wept H1419 sore.
  4 H3470 And it came to pass, before Isaiah H3318 was gone out H8484 into the middle H2691 part H1697 of the city, that the word H3068 of Jehovah H559 came to him, saying,
  5 H7725 Turn back, H559 and say H2396 to Hezekiah H5057 the prince H5971 of my people, H559 Thus saith H3068 Jehovah, H430 the God H1732 of David H1 thy father, H8085 I have heard H8605 thy prayer, H7200 I have seen H1832 thy tears: H7495 behold, I will heal H7992 thee; on the third H3117 day H5927 thou shalt go up H1004 unto the house H3068 of Jehovah.
  6 H3254 And I will add H3117 unto thy days H2568 fifteen H8141 years; H5337 and I will deliver H5892 thee and this city H3709 out of the hand H4428 of the king H804 of Assyria; H1598 and I will defend H5892 this city H5650 for mine own sake, and for my servant H1732 David's sake.
  7 H3470 And Isaiah H559 said, H3947 Take H1690 a cake H8384 of figs. H3947 And they took H7760 and laid H7822 it on the boil, H2421 and he recovered.
  8 H2396 And Hezekiah H559 said H3470 unto Isaiah, H226 What shall be the sign H3068 that Jehovah H7495 will heal H5927 me, and that I shall go up H1004 unto the house H3068 of Jehovah H7992 the third H3117 day?
  9 H3470 And Isaiah H559 said, H226 This shall be the sign H3068 unto thee from Jehovah, H3068 that Jehovah H6213 will do H1697 the thing H1696 that he hath spoken: H6738 shall the shadow H1980 go forward H6235 ten H4609 steps, H7725 or go back H6235 ten H4609 steps?
  10 H3169 And Hezekiah H559 answered, H7043 It is a light thing H6738 for the shadow H5186 to decline H6235 ten H4609 steps: H6738 nay, but let the shadow H7725 return H322 backward H6235 ten H4609 steps.
  11 H3470 And Isaiah H5030 the prophet H7121 cried H3068 unto Jehovah; H7725 and he brought H6738 the shadow H6235 ten H4609 steps H322 backward, H4609 by H3381 which it had gone down H4609 on the dial H271 of Ahaz.
  12 H6256 At that time H1255 Berodach-baladan H1121 the son H1081 of Baladan, H4428 king H894 of Babylon, H7971 sent H5612 letters H4503 and a present H2396 unto Hezekiah; H8085 for he had heard H2396 that Hezekiah H2470 had been sick.
  13 H2396 And Hezekiah H8085 hearkened H7200 unto them, and showed H1004 them all the house H5238 of his precious things, H3701 the silver, H2091 and the gold, H1314 and the spices, H2896 and the precious H8081 oil, H1004 and the house H3627 of his armor, H4672 and all that was found H214 in his treasures: H1697 there was nothing H1004 in his house, H4475 nor in all his dominion, H2396 that Hezekiah H7200 showed them not.
  14 H935 Then came H3470 Isaiah H5030 the prophet H4428 unto king H2396 Hezekiah, H559 and said H559 unto him, What said H582 these men? H370 and from whence H935 came H2396 they unto thee? And Hezekiah H559 said, H935 They are come H7350 from a far H776 country, H894 even from Babylon.
  15 H559 And he said, H7200 What have they seen H1004 in thy house? H2396 And Hezekiah H559 answered, H1004 All that is in my house H7200 have they seen: H1697 there is nothing H214 among my treasures H7200 that I have not showed them.
  16 H3470 And Isaiah H559 said H2396 unto Hezekiah, H8085 Hear H1697 the word H3068 of Jehovah.
  17 H3117 Behold, the days H935 come, H1004 that all that is in thy house, H1 and that which thy fathers H686 have laid up in store H3117 unto this day, H5375 shall be carried H894 to Babylon: H1697 nothing H3498 shall be left, H559 saith H3068 Jehovah.
  18 H1121 And of thy sons H3318 that shall issue H3205 from thee, whom thou shalt beget, H3947 shall they take away; H5631 and they shall be eunuchs H1964 in the palace H4428 of the king H894 of Babylon.
  19 H559 Then said H2396 Hezekiah H3470 unto Isaiah, H2896 Good H1697 is the word H3068 of Jehovah H1696 which thou hast spoken. H559 He said H7965 moreover, Is it not so, if peace H571 and truth H3117 shall be in my days?
  20 H3499 Now the rest H1697 of the acts H2396 of Hezekiah, H1369 and all his might, H6213 and how he made H1295 the pool, H8585 and the conduit, H935 and brought H4325 water H5892 into the city, H3789 are they not written H5612 in the book H1697 of the chronicles H4428 of the kings H3063 of Judah?
  21 H2396 And Hezekiah H7901 slept H1 with his fathers; H4519 and Manasseh H1121 his son H4427 reigned in his stead.