2 Chronicles 15

  1 H7307 And the Spirit H430 of God H5838 came upon Azariah H1121 the son H5752 of Oded:
  2 H3318 and he went out H6440 to meet H609 Asa, H559 and said H8085 unto him, Hear H609 ye me, Asa, H3063 and all Judah H1144 and Benjamin: H3068 Jehovah H1875 is with you, while ye are with him; and if ye seek H4672 him, he will be found H5800 of you; but if ye forsake H5800 him, he will forsake you.
  3 H7227 Now for a long H3117 season H3478 Israel H3808 was without H571 the true H430 God, H3384 and without a teaching H3548 priest, H8451 and without law:
  4 H6862 But when in their distress H7725 they turned H3068 unto Jehovah, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H1245 and sought H4672 him, he was found of them.
  5 H6256 And in those times H7965 there was no peace H3318 to him that went out, H935 nor to him that came in; H7227 but great H4103 vexations H3427 were upon all the inhabitants H776 of the lands.
  6 H3807 And they were broken H1471 in pieces, nation H1471 against nation, H5892 and city H5892 against city; H430 for God H2000 did vex H6869 them with all adversity.
  7 H2388 But be ye strong, H3027 and let not your hands H7503 be slack; H6468 for your work H3426 shall be H7939 rewarded.
  8 H609 And when Asa H8085 heard H1697 these words, H5016 and the prophecy H5752 of Oded H5030 the prophet, H2388 he took courage, H5674 and put away H8251 the abominations H776 out of all the land H3063 of Judah H1144 and Benjamin, H5892 and out of the cities H3920 which he had taken H2022 from the hill-country H669 of Ephraim; H2318 and he renewed H4196 the altar H3068 of Jehovah, H6440 that was before H197 the porch H3068 of Jehovah.
  9 H6908 And he gathered H3063 all Judah H1144 and Benjamin, H1481 and them that sojourned H669 with them out of Ephraim H4519 and Manasseh, H8095 and out of Simeon: H5307 for they fell H3478 to him out of Israel H7230 in abundance, H7200 when they saw H3068 that Jehovah H430 his God was with him.
  10 H6908 So they gathered themselves together H3389 at Jerusalem H7992 in the third H2320 month, H2568 in the fifteenth H8141 year H4438 of the reign H609 of Asa.
  11 H2076 And they sacrificed H3068 unto Jehovah H3117 in that day, H7998 of the spoil H935 which they had brought, H7651 seven H3967 hundred H1241 oxen H7651 and seven H505 thousand H6629 sheep.
  12 H935 And they entered H1285 into the covenant H1875 to seek H3068 Jehovah, H430 the God H1 of their fathers, H3824 with all their heart H5315 and with all their soul;
  13 H1875 and that whosoever would not seek H3068 Jehovah, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H4191 should be put to death, H4480 whether H6996 small H1419 or great, H376 whether man H802 or woman.
  14 H7650 And they sware H3068 unto Jehovah H1419 with a loud H6963 voice, H8643 and with shouting, H2689 and with trumpets, H7782 and with cornets.
  15 H3063 And all Judah H8055 rejoiced H7621 at the oath; H7650 for they had sworn H3824 with all their heart, H1245 and sought H7522 him with their whole desire; H4672 and he was found H3068 of them: and Jehovah H5117 gave them rest H5439 round about.
  16 H4601 And also Maacah, H517 the mother H609 of Asa H4428 the king, H5493 he removed H1377 from being queen, H6213 because she had made H4656 an abominable image H842 for an Asherah; H609 and Asa H3772 cut down H4656 her image, H1854 and made dust H8313 of it, and burnt H5158 it at the brook H6939 Kidron.
  17 H1116 But the high places H5493 were not taken away H3478 out of Israel: H3824 nevertheless the heart H609 of Asa H8003 was perfect H3117 all his days.
  18 H935 And he brought H1004 into the house H430 of God H1 the things that his father H6944 had dedicated, H6944 and that he himself had dedicated, H3701 silver, H2091 and gold, H3627 and vessels.
  19 H4421 And there was no more war H2568 unto the five H7970 and thirtieth H8141 year H4438 of the reign H609 of Asa.