1 Peter 2

  1 G659 Putting away G3767 therefore G3956 all G2549 wickedness, G2532 and G3956 all G1388 guile, G2532 and G5272 hypocrisies, G2532 and G5355 envies, G2532 and G3956 all G2636 evil speakings,
  2 G5613 as G738 newborn G1025 babes, G1971 long G97 for the spiritual G1051 milk G3050   G2443 which is without guile, that G837 ye may grow G846 thereby unto salvation;
  3 G1512 if ye have G1089 tasted G3754 that G2962 the Lord G5543 is gracious:
  4 G4314 unto G3739 whom G4334 coming, G2198 a living G3037 stone, G593 rejected G3303 indeed G5259 of G444 men, G1161 but G3844 with G2316 God G1588 elect, G1784 precious,
  5 G846 ye G2532 also, G5613 as G2198 living G3037 stones, G3618 are built up G4152 a spiritual G3624 house, G40 to be a holy G2406 priesthood, G399 to offer up G4152 spiritual G2378 sacrifices, G2144 acceptable G2316 to God G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ.
  6 G1352 Because G2532   G4023 it is contained G1722 in G1124 scripture, G2400 Behold, G5087 I lay G1722 in G4622 Zion G204 a chief corner G3037 stone, G1588 elect, G1784 precious: G2532 And G4100 he that believeth G1909 on G846 him G2617 shall G3756 not G3361   G2617 be put to shame.
  7 G5213 For you G3767 therefore G3588 that G4100 believe G5092 is the preciousness: G1161 but G544 for such as disbelieve, G3037 The stone G3739 which G3618 the builders G593 rejected, G3778 The same G1096 was G1519 made G2776 the head G1137 of the corner;
  8 G2532 and, G3037 A stone G4348 of stumbling, G2532 and G4073 a rock G4625 of offence; G3739 for they G4350 stumble G3056 at the word, G544 being disobedient: G1519 whereunto G2532 also G5087 they were appointed.
  9 G1161 But G5210 ye G1588 are an elect G1085 race, G934 a royal G2406 priesthood, G40 a holy G1484 nation, G1519 a G2992 people G4047 for God's own possession, G3704 that G1804 ye may show forth G703 the excellencies G2564 of him who called G5209 you G1537 out of G4655 darkness G1519 into G846 his G2298 marvellous G5457 light:
  10 G3588 who G4218 in time past G3756 were no G2992 people, G1161 but G3568 now G2992 are the people G2316 of God: G3588 who G1653 had G3756 not G1653 obtained mercy, G1161 but G3568 now G1653 have obtained mercy.
  11 G27 Beloved, G3870 I beseech G5613 you as G3941 sojourners G2532 and G3927 pilgrims, G567 to abstain G4559 from fleshly G1939 lusts, G3748 which G4754 war G2596 against G5590 the soul;
  12 G2192 having G5216 your G391 behavior G2570 seemly G1722 among G1484 the Gentiles; G2443 that, G1722 wherein G3739   G2635 they speak against G5216 you G5613 as G2555 evil-doers, G1392 they may G1537 by G2570 your good G2041 works, G2029 which they behold, G1392 glorify G2316 God G1722 in G2250 the day G1984 of visitation.
  13 G5293 Be subject G3956 to every G2937 ordinance G442 of man G1223 for G2962 the Lord's sake: G1535 whether G935 to the king, G5613 as G5242 supreme;
  14 G1535 or G2232 unto governors, G5613 as G3992 sent G1223 by G846 him G1519 for G1557 vengeance G2555 on evil-doers G1161 and G1868 for praise G17 to them that do well.
  15 G3754 For G3779 so G2076 is G2307 the will G2316 of God, G15 that by well-doing G5392 ye should put to silence G56 the ignorance G878 of foolish G444 men:
  16 G5613 as G1658 free, G2532 and G3361 not G2192 using G1657 your freedom G5613 for G1942 a cloak G2549 of wickedness, G235 but G5613 as G1401 bondservants G2316 of God.
  17 G5091 Honor G3956 all G25 men. Love G81 the brotherhood. G5399 Fear G2316 God. G5091 Honor G935 the king.
  18 G3610 Servants, G5293 be in subjection G1203 to G1203 your masters G1722 with G3956 all G5401 fear; G3756 not G3440 only G18 to the good G2532 and G1933 gentle, G235 but G2532 also G4646 to the froward.
  19 G1063 For G5124 this G5485 is acceptable, G1487 if G1223 for G4893 conscience G2316 toward God G5100 a man G5297 endureth G3077 griefs, G3958 suffering G95 wrongfully.
  20 G1063 For G4169 what G2811 glory G1487 is it, if, G2532 when G264 ye sin, G2852 and are buffeted G5278 for it, ye shall take it patiently? G235 but G1487 if, G15 when ye do well, G2532 and G3958 suffer G5278 for it, ye shall take it patiently, G5124 this G5485 is acceptable G3844 with G2316 God.
  21 G1063 For G1519   G5124 hereunto G2564 were ye called: G3754 because G5547 Christ G2532 also G3958 suffered G5228 for G2257 you, G5277 leaving G2254 you G5261 an example, G2443 that G1872 ye should follow G846 his G2487 steps:
  22 G3739 who G4160 did G3756 no G266 sin, G3761 neither G2147 was G1388 guile G2147 found G1722 in G846 his G4750 mouth:
  23 G3739 who, G3058 when he was reviled, G486 reviled G3756 not G486 again; G3958 when he suffered G546 threatened G3756 not; G1161 but G3860 committed G2919 himself to him that judgeth G1346 righteously:
  24 G3739 who G846 his own G846 self G399 bare G2257 our G266 sins G1722 in G4983 his body G1909 upon G3586 the tree, G2443 that G2198 we, G581 having died G266 unto sins, G2198 might live G1343 unto righteousness; G3739 by G846 whose G3468 stripes G2390 ye were healed.
  25 G1063 For G2258 ye were G4105 going astray G5613 like G4263 sheep; G235 but G1994 are G3568 now G1994 returned G1909 unto G4166 the Shepherd G2532 and G1985 Bishop G5216 of your G5590 souls.