Psalms 18:38-42

  38 H4272 I have wounded H3201 them that they were not able H6965 to rise: H5307 they are fallen H8478 under H7272 my feet.
  39 H247 For you have girded H2428 me with strength H4421 to the battle: H3766 you have subdued H8478 under H6965 me those that rose up against me.
  40 H5414 You have also given H6203 me the necks H341 of my enemies; H6789 that I might destroy H8130 them that hate me.
  41 H7768 They cried, H369 but there was none H3467 to save H3068 them: even to the LORD, H6030 but he answered them not.
  42 H7833 Then did I beat H6083 them small as the dust H5921 before H6440 H7307 the wind: H7324 I did cast H2916 them out as the dirt H2351 in the streets.