Psalms 139:11-16

  11 H559 If I say, H389 Surely H2822 the darkness H7779 shall cover H3915 me; even the night H216 shall be light H1157 about me.
  12 H1571 Yes, H2822 the darkness H2821 hides H3915 not from you; but the night H215 shines H3117 as the day: H2825 the darkness H219 and the light are both alike to you.
  13 H7069 For you have possessed H3629 my reins: H5526 you have covered H517 me in my mother’s H990 womb.
  14 H3034 I will praise H3372 you; for I am fearfully H6395 and wonderfully H6381 made: marvelous H4639 are your works; H5315 and that my soul H3045 knows H3966 right well.
  15 H6108 My substance H3582 was not hid H834 from you, when H6213 I was made H5643 in secret, H7551 and curiously H7551 worked H8482 in the lowest H776 parts of the earth.
  16 H5869 Your eyes H7200 did see H1564 my substance, H5612 yet being imperfect; and in your book H3605 all H3789 my members were written, H3117 which in continuance H3335 were fashioned, H3808 when as yet there was none H259 of them.