Psalms 101:1-8

  1 H4210 A Psalm H1732 of David. H7891 I will sing H2617 of mercy H4941 and judgment: H3068 to you, O LORD, H2167 will I sing.
  2 H7919 I will behave H7919 myself wisely H8549 in a perfect H1870 way. H4970 O when H935 will you come H1980 to me? I will walk H7130 within H1004 my house H8537 with a perfect H3824 heart.
  3 H7896 I will set H3808 no H1100 wicked H1697 thing H5048 before H5869 my eyes: H8130 I hate H6213 the work H7750 of them that turn H7750 aside; H1692 it shall not stick to me.
  4 H6141 A fraudulent H3820 heart H5493 shall depart H3045 from me: I will not know H7451 a wicked person.
  5 H5643 Whoever privately H3960 slanders H7453 his neighbor, H6789 him will I cut H1362 off: him that has an high H5869 look H7342 and a proud H3824 heart H3201 will not I suffer.
  6 H5869 My eyes H539 shall be on the faithful H776 of the land, H3427 that they may dwell H1980 with me: he that walks H8549 in a perfect H1870 way, H8334 he shall serve me.
  7 H6213 He that works H7423 deceit H3427 shall not dwell H7130 within H1004 my house: H1696 he that tells H8267 lies H3559 shall not tarry H5869 in my sight.
  8 H1242 I will early H6789 destroy H3605 all H7563 the wicked H776 of the land; H3772 that I may cut H3605 off all H205 wicked H6466 doers H5892 from the city H3068 of the LORD.