Nehemiah 13:15-20

  15 H1992 In those H3117 days H7200 saw H3063 I in Judah H1869 some treading H1660 wine H1660 presses H7676 on the sabbath, H935 and bringing H6194 in sheaves, H6006 and lading H2543 asses; H637 as also H3196 wine, H6025 grapes, H8384 and figs, H3605 and all H4853 manner of burdens, H935 which they brought H3389 into Jerusalem H7676 on the sabbath H3117 day: H5749 and I testified H3117 against them in the day H4376 wherein they sold H6718 victuals.
  16 H3427 There dwelled H6876 men of Tyre H935 also therein, which brought H1709 fish, H3605 and all H4377 manner of ware, H4376 and sold H7676 on the sabbath H1121 to the children H3063 of Judah, H3389 and in Jerusalem.
  17 H7378 Then I contended H2715 with the nobles H3063 of Judah, H559 and said H4100 to them, What H7451 evil H1697 thing H2088 is this H6213 that you do, H2490 and profane H7676 the sabbath H3117 day?
  18 H1 Did not your fathers H3541 thus, H430 and did not our God H935 bring H3605 all H2088 this H7451 evil H2063 on us, and on this H5892 city? H935 yet you bring H3254 more H2740 wrath H3478 on Israel H2490 by profaning H7676 the sabbath.
  19 H1961 And it came H834 to pass, that when H8179 the gates H3389 of Jerusalem H6751 began H6751 to be dark H6440 before H7676 the sabbath, H559 I commanded H1817 that the gates H5462 should be shut, H559 and charged H6605 that they should not be opened H5704 till H310 after H7676 the sabbath: H5288 and some of my servants H5975 set H5921 I at H8179 the gates, H3808 that there should no H4853 burden H935 be brought H7676 in on the sabbath H3117 day.
  20 H7402 So the merchants H4376 and sellers H3605 of all H4465 kind of ware H3885 lodged H2351 without H3389 Jerusalem H6471 once H8147 or twice.