Matthew 12:24-27

  24 G5330 But when the Pharisees G191 heard G2036 it, they said, G3778 This G1544 fellow does not cast G1140 out devils, G954 but by Beelzebub G758 the prince G1140 of the devils.
  25 G2424 And Jesus G1492 knew G1761 their thoughts, G2036 and said G3956 to them, Every G932 kingdom G3307 divided G2596 against G1438 itself G2049 is brought G2049 to desolation; G3956 and every G4172 city G2228 or G3614 house G3307 divided G2596 against G1438 itself G2476 shall not stand:
  26 G1487 And if G4567 Satan G1544 cast G4567 out Satan, G3307 he is divided G1909 against G1438 himself; G4459 how G3767 shall then G932 his kingdom G2476 stand?
  27 G1487 And if G954 I by Beelzebub G1544 cast G1140 out devils, G5101 by whom G5216 do your G5207 children G1544 cast G1223 them out? therefore G5124 G5216 they shall be your G2923 judges.