Mark 8

  1 G1565 In those G2250 days G3793 the multitude G5607 being G3827 very G3827 great, G2192 and having G3385 nothing G5315 to eat, G2424 Jesus G4341 called G3101 his disciples G3004 to him, and said to them,
  2 G4697 I have compassion G1909 on G3793 the multitude, G3754 because G2235 they have now G4357 been G5140 with me three G2250 days, G2192 and have G3756 nothing G5100 G5315 to eat:
  3 G1437 And if G630 I send G630 them away G3523 fasting G3624 to their own houses, G1590 they will faint G3598 by the way: G5100 for divers G2240 of them came G3113 from far.
  4 G3101 And his disciples G611 answered G4159 him, From where G1410 can G5100 a man G5526 satisfy G5128 these G740 men with bread G5602 here G2047 in the wilderness?
  5 G1905 And he asked G4214 them, How G4214 many G740 loaves G2192 have G2036 you? And they said, G2033 Seven.
  6 G3853 And he commanded G3793 the people G377 to sit G377 down G1909 on G1093 the ground: G2983 and he took G2033 the seven G740 loaves, G1325 and gave G2168 thanks, G2806 and broke, G1325 and gave G3101 to his disciples G3908 to set G3908 before G3908 them; and they did set G3908 them before G3793 the people.
  7 G2192 And they had G3641 a few G2485 small G2485 fishes: G2127 and he blessed, G2036 and commanded G3908 to set G2532 them also G3908 before them.
  8 G1161 So G5315 they did eat, G5526 and were filled: G142 and they took G2801 up of the broken G4051 meat that was left G2033 seven G4711 baskets.
  9 G5315 And they that had eaten G5613 were about G5070 four G5070 thousand: G630 and he sent G630 them away.
  10 G2112 And straightway G1684 he entered G1519 into G4143 a ship G3101 with his disciples, G2064 and came G1519 into G3313 the parts G1148 of Dalmanutha.
  11 G5330 And the Pharisees G1831 came G1831 forth, G756 and began G4802 to question G2212 with him, seeking G4592 of him a sign G3772 from heaven, G3985 tempting him.
  12 G389 And he sighed G389 deeply G4151 in his spirit, G3004 and said, G5101 Why G3778 does this G1074 generation G1934 seek G1934 after G4592 a sign? G281 truly G3004 I say G1487 to you, There shall no G4592 sign G1325 be given G5026 to this G1074 generation.
  13 G863 And he left G1684 them, and entering G1519 into G4143 the ship G3825 again G565 departed G4008 to the other G4008 side.
  14 G2532 Now G1950 the disciples had forgotten G2983 to take G740 bread, G2532 neither G3762 G2192 had G4143 they in the ship G1508 with them more G1508 than G1520 one G740 loaf.
  15 G1291 And he charged G3004 them, saying, G3708 Take heed, G991 beware G2219 of the leaven G5330 of the Pharisees, G2219 and of the leaven G2264 of Herod.
  16 G1260 And they reasoned G4314 among G240 themselves, G3004 saying, G3754 It is because G2192 we have G3756 no G740 bread.
  17 G2424 And when Jesus G1097 knew G3004 it, he said G5101 to them, Why G1260 reason G3754 you, because G2192 you have G3756 no G740 bread? G3539 perceive G3768 you not yet, G3761 neither G4920 understand? G2192 have G5216 you your G2588 heart G2089 yet G4456 hardened?
  18 G2192 Having G3788 eyes, G991 see G2192 you not? and having G3775 ears, G191 hear G3421 you not? and do you not remember?
  19 G3753 When G2806 I broke G4002 the five G740 loaves G1519 among G4000 five G4000 thousand, G4214 how G4214 many G2894 baskets G4134 full G2801 of fragments G142 took G3004 you up? They say G1427 to him, Twelve.
  20 G3753 And when G2033 the seven G1519 among G5070 four G5070 thousand, G4214 how G4214 many G4711 baskets G4138 full G2801 of fragments G142 took G2036 you up? And they said, G2033 Seven.
  21 G3004 And he said G4459 to them, How G4920 is it that you do not understand?
  22 G2064 And he comes G966 to Bethsaida; G5342 and they bring G5185 a blind G3870 man to him, and sought G680 him to touch him.
  23 G1949 And he took G5185 the blind G5495 man by the hand, G1806 and led G2968 him out of the town; G4429 and when he had spit G1519 on G3659 his eyes, G2007 and put G5495 his hands G1905 on him, he asked G1487 him if G991 he saw G5100 ought.
  24 G308 And he looked G3004 up, and said, G991 I see G444 men G1186 as trees, G4043 walking.
  25 G1534 After G2007 that he put G5495 his hands G3825 again G3788 on his eyes, G4160 and made G308 him look G600 up: and he was restored, G1689 and saw G537 every G5081 man clearly.
  26 G649 And he sent G649 him away G3624 to his house, G3004 saying, G3366 Neither G1525 go G1519 into G2968 the town, G3366 nor G2036 tell G5100 it to any G2968 in the town.
  27 G2424 And Jesus G1831 went G3101 out, and his disciples, G1519 into G2968 the towns G2542 of Caesarea G5375 Philippi: G3598 and by the way G1905 he asked G3101 his disciples, G3004 saying G5101 to them, Whom G444 do men G3004 say G1511 that I am?
  28 G611 And they answered, G2491 John G910 the Baptist; G243 but some G2243 say, Elias; G243 and others, G1520 One G4396 of the prophets.
  29 G3004 And he said G5101 to them, But whom G3004 say G1511 you that I am? G4074 And Peter G611 answers G3004 and said G1488 to him, You are G5547 the Christ.
  30 G2008 And he charged G3004 them that they should tell G3367 no G3367 man of him.
  31 G756 And he began G1321 to teach G5207 them, that the Son G444 of man G1163 must G3958 suffer G4183 many G593 things, and be rejected G4245 of the elders, G749 and of the chief G749 priests, G1122 and scribes, G615 and be killed, G3326 and after G5140 three G2250 days G450 rise G450 again.
  32 G2980 And he spoke G3056 that saying G3954 openly. G4074 And Peter G4355 took G756 him, and began G2008 to rebuke him.
  33 G1994 But when he had turned G1994 about G1492 and looked G3101 on his disciples, G2008 he rebuked G4074 Peter, G3004 saying, G5217 Get G3694 you behind G4567 me, Satan: G5426 for you mind G2316 not the things that be of God, G444 but the things that be of men.
  34 G4341 And when he had called G3793 the people G3101 to him with his disciples G2036 also, he said G3748 to them, Whoever G2309 will G2064 come G3694 after G533 me, let him deny G1438 himself, G142 and take G4716 up his cross, G190 and follow me.
  35 G3736 For whoever G302 G2309 will G4982 save G5590 his life G622 shall lose G3736 it; but whoever G302 G622 shall lose G5590 his life G1752 for my sake G2098 and the gospel’s, G3778 the same G4982 shall save it.
  36 G5101 For what G5623 shall it profit G444 a man, G1437 if G2770 he shall gain G3650 the whole G2889 world, G2210 and lose G5590 his own soul?
  37 G2228 Or G5101 what G444 shall a man G1325 give G465 in exchange G5590 for his soul?
  38 G3736 Whoever G302 G1063 therefore G1870 shall be ashamed G3056 of me and of my words G5026 in this G3428 adulterous G268 and sinful G1074 generation; G2532 of him also G5207 shall the Son G444 of man G1870 be ashamed, G3752 when G2064 he comes G1391 in the glory G3962 of his Father G40 with the holy G32 angels.