Mark 1:1-11

  1 G746 The beginning G2098 of the gospel G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ, G5207 the Son G2316 of God;
  2 G1125 As it is written G4396 in the prophets, G2400 Behold, G649 I send G32 my messenger G4253 before G4383 your face, G3739 which G2680 shall prepare G3598 your way G1715 before you.
  3 G5456 The voice G994 of one crying G2048 in the wilderness, G2090 Prepare G3598 you the way G2962 of the Lord, G4160 make G5147 his paths G2117 straight.
  4 G2491 John G907 did baptize G2048 in the wilderness, G2784 and preach G908 the baptism G3341 of repentance G859 for the remission G266 of sins.
  5 G1607 And there went G3956 out to him all G5561 the land G2449 of Judaea, G2414 and they of Jerusalem, G3956 and were all G907 baptized G4215 of him in the river G2446 of Jordan, G1843 confessing G266 their sins.
  6 G2491 And John G1746 was clothed G2574 with camel’s G2359 hair, G2223 and with a girdle G1193 of a skin G4012 about G3751 his loins; G2068 and he did eat G200 locusts G66 and wild G3192 honey;
  7 G2784 And preached, G3004 saying, G2064 There comes G2478 one mightier G3694 than I after G2438 me, the lace G3739 of whose G5266 shoes G1510 I am G2425 not worthy G2955 to stoop G3089 down and unloose.
  8 G3303 I indeed G907 have baptized G5204 you with water: G907 but he shall baptize G40 you with the Holy G4151 Ghost.
  9 G1096 And it came G1565 to pass in those G2250 days, G2424 that Jesus G2064 came G3478 from Nazareth G1056 of Galilee, G907 and was baptized G2491 of John G2446 in Jordan.
  10 G2112 And straightway G305 coming G5204 up out of the water, G1492 he saw G3772 the heavens G4977 opened, G4151 and the Spirit G5616 like G4058 a dove G2597 descending on him:
  11 G1096 And there came G5456 a voice G3772 from heaven, G1488 saying, You are G27 my beloved G5207 Son, G3739 in whom G2106 I am well G2106 pleased.