Mark 12:28-34

  28 G1520 And one G1122 of the scribes G4334 came, G191 and having heard G4802 them reasoning G4802 together, G1492 and perceiving G611 that he had answered G2573 them well, G1905 asked G4169 him, Which G4413 is the first G1785 commandment G3956 of all?
  29 G2424 And Jesus G611 answered G4413 him, The first G3956 of all G1785 the commandments G191 is, Hear, G2474 O Israel; G2962 The Lord G2316 our God G1520 is one G2962 Lord:
  30 G25 And you shall love G2962 the Lord G2316 your God G3650 with all G2588 your heart, G3650 and with all G5590 your soul, G3650 and with all G1271 your mind, G3650 and with all G2479 your strength: G3778 this G4413 is the first G1785 commandment.
  31 G1208 And the second G3664 is like, G3778 namely this, G25 You shall love G4139 your neighbor G4572 as yourself. G3756 There is none G243 other G1785 commandment G3187 greater G5130 than these.
  32 G1122 And the scribe G2036 said G2573 to him, Well, G1320 Master, G2036 you have said G225 the truth: G1520 for there is one G2316 God; G3756 and there is none G243 other but he:
  33 G25 And to love G3650 him with all G2588 the heart, G3650 and with all G4907 the understanding, G3650 and with all G5590 the soul, G3650 and with all G2479 the strength, G25 and to love G4139 his neighbor G1438 as himself, G4119 is more G3956 than all G3646 whole G3646 burnt G3646 offerings G2378 and sacrifices.
  34 G2424 And when Jesus G1492 saw G611 that he answered G3562 discreetly, G2036 he said G1488 to him, You are G3112 not far G932 from the kingdom G2316 of God. G3762 And no G3762 man G3765 after G5111 that dared G1905 ask him any question.