Luke 20:3-8

  3 G611 And he answered G2036 and said G2504 to them, I will also G2065 ask G1520 you one G3056 thing; G2036 and answer me:
  4 G908 The baptism G2491 of John, G3772 was it from heaven, G2228 or G444 of men?
  5 G4817 And they reasoned G1438 with themselves, G3004 saying, G1437 If G2036 we shall say, G3772 From heaven; G2046 he will say, G1302 Why G3767 then G4100 believed you him not?
  6 G1437 But and if G2036 we say, G444 Of men; G3956 all G2992 the people G2642 will stone G3982 us: for they be persuaded G2491 that John G4396 was a prophet.
  7 G611 And they answered, G3361 that they could G1492 not tell G4159 from where it was.
  8 G2424 And Jesus G2036 said G3761 to them, Neither G3004 tell G4169 I you by what G1849 authority G4160 I do G5023 these things.