Luke 15:28-30

  28 G3710 And he was angry, G2309 and would G1525 not go G3767 in: therefore G1831 came G3962 his father G3870 out, and entreated him.
  29 G611 And he answering G2036 said G3962 to his father, G2400 See, G5118 these G5118 many G2094 years G1398 do I serve G3763 you, neither G3928 transgressed G3763 I at G3763 any G1785 time your commandment: G3763 and yet you never G1325 gave G2056 me a kid, G2165 that I might make G2165 merry G5384 with my friends:
  30 G3753 But as soon G3778 as this G5207 your son G2064 was come, G3588 which G2719 has devoured G979 your living G4204 with harlots, G2380 you have killed G4618 for him the fatted G3448 calf.