Leviticus 8:7-12

  7 H5414 And he put H3801 on him the coat, H2296 and girded H73 him with the girdle, H3847 and clothed H4598 him with the robe, H5414 and put H646 the ephod H2296 on him, and he girded H2805 him with the curious girdle H646 of the ephod, H640 and bound it to him therewith.
  8 H7760 And he put H2833 the breastplate H5414 on him: also he put H2833 in the breastplate H224 the Urim H8550 and the Thummim.
  9 H7760 And he put H4701 the turban H7218 on his head; H4701 also on the turban, H4136 even on his forefront, H6440 H7760 did he put H2091 the golden H6731 plate, H6944 the holy H5145 crown; H3068 as the LORD H6680 commanded H4872 Moses.
  10 H4872 And Moses H3947 took H4888 the anointing H8081 oil, H4886 and anointed H4908 the tabernacle H3605 and all H6942 that was therein, and sanctified them.
  11 H5137 And he sprinkled H4196 thereof on the altar H7651 seven H6471 times, H4886 and anointed H4196 the altar H3605 and all H3627 his vessels, H3595 both the laver H3653 and his foot, H6942 to sanctify them.
  12 H3332 And he poured H4888 of the anointing H8081 oil H175 on Aaron’s H7218 head, H4886 and anointed H6942 him, to sanctify him.