Leviticus 26

  1 H6213 You shall make H3808 you no H457 idols H6459 nor graven H6754 image, H3808 neither H6965 raise H4676 you up a standing H4676 image, H3808 neither H5414 shall you set H4906 up any image H68 of stone H776 in your land, H7812 to bow H7812 down H3068 to it: for I am the LORD H430 your God.
  2 H8104 You shall keep H7676 my sabbaths, H3372 and reverence H4720 my sanctuary: H3068 I am the LORD.
  3 H518 If H3212 you walk H2708 in my statutes, H8104 and keep H4687 my commandments, H6213 and do them;
  4 H5414 Then I will give H1653 you rain H6256 in due season, H776 and the land H5414 shall yield H2981 her increase, H6086 and the trees H7704 of the field H5414 shall yield H6529 their fruit.
  5 H1786 And your threshing H5381 shall reach H1210 to the vintage, H1210 and the vintage H5381 shall reach H2233 to the sowing H398 time: and you shall eat H3899 your bread H7648 to the full, H3427 and dwell H776 in your land H983 safely.
  6 H5414 And I will give H7965 peace H776 in the land, H7901 and you shall lie H369 down, and none H2729 shall make you afraid: H7673 and I will rid H7451 evil H2416 beasts H776 out of the land, H3808 neither H2719 shall the sword H5674 go H776 through your land.
  7 H7291 And you shall chase H341 your enemies, H5307 and they shall fall H6440 before H2719 you by the sword.
  8 H2568 And five H7291 of you shall chase H3967 an hundred, H3967 and an hundred H7233 of you shall put ten H7233 thousand H7291 to flight: H341 and your enemies H5307 shall fall H6440 before H2719 you by the sword.
  9 H6437 For I will have respect H6509 to you, and make you fruitful, H7235 and multiply H6965 you, and establish H1285 my covenant with you.
  10 H398 And you shall eat H3462 old H3462 store, H3318 and bring H3318 forth H3465 the old H6440 because H2319 of the new.
  11 H5414 And I set H4908 my tabernacle H8432 among H5315 you: and my soul H1602 shall not abhor you.
  12 H1980 And I will walk H8432 among H430 you, and will be your God, H5971 and you shall be my people.
  13 H3068 I am the LORD H430 your God, H834 which H3318 brought H3318 you forth H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt, H5650 that you should not be their slaves; H7665 and I have broken H4133 the bands H5923 of your yoke, H3212 and made you go H6968 upright.
  14 H518 But if H8085 you will not listen H6213 to me, and will not do H3605 all H428 these H4687 commandments;
  15 H518 And if H3988 you shall despise H2708 my statutes, H5315 or if your soul H1602 abhor H4941 my judgments, H6213 so that you will not do H3605 all H4687 my commandments, H6565 but that you break H1285 my covenant:
  16 H637 I also H6213 will do H2063 this H6485 to you; I will even appoint H928 over you terror, H7829 consumption, H6920 and the burning H6920 ague, H3615 that shall consume H5869 the eyes, H1727 and cause sorrow H5315 of heart: H2232 and you shall sow H2233 your seed H7385 in vain, H341 for your enemies H398 shall eat it.
  17 H5414 And I will set H6440 my face H5062 against you, and you shall be slain H6440 before H341 your enemies: H8130 they that hate H7287 you shall reign H5127 over you; and you shall flee H369 when none H7291 pursues you.
  18 H518 And if H5704 you will not yet H428 for all this H8085 listen H3256 to me, then I will punish H7651 you seven H3254 times more H2403 for your sins.
  19 H7665 And I will break H1347 the pride H5797 of your power; H5414 and I will make H8064 your heaven H1270 as iron, H776 and your earth H5154 as brass:
  20 H3581 And your strength H8552 shall be spent H7385 in vain: H776 for your land H5414 shall not yield H2981 her increase, H3808 neither H6086 shall the trees H776 of the land H5414 yield H6529 their fruits.
  21 H518 And if H3212 you walk H7147 contrary H14 to me, and will H8085 not listen H3254 to me; I will bring H7651 seven H3254 times more H4347 plagues H2403 on you according to your sins.
  22 H7971 I will also send H7704 wild H2416 beasts H7921 among you, which shall rob H3772 you of your children, and destroy H929 your cattle, H4591 and make you few H1870 in number; and your high ways H8074 shall be desolate.
  23 H518 And if H3256 you will not be reformed H428 by me by these H1980 things, but will walk H7147 contrary to me;
  24 H637 Then will I also H1980 walk H7147 contrary H5221 to you, and will punish H7651 you yet seven H2403 times for your sins.
  25 H935 And I will bring H2719 a sword H5358 on you, that shall avenge H5359 the quarrel H1285 of my covenant: H622 and when you are gathered H413 together within H5892 your cities, H7971 I will send H1698 the pestilence H8432 among H5414 you; and you shall be delivered H3027 into the hand H341 of the enemy.
  26 H7665 And when I have broken H4294 the staff H3899 of your bread, H6235 ten H802 women H644 shall bake H3899 your bread H259 in one H8574 oven, H7725 and they shall deliver H3899 you your bread H7725 again H4948 by weight: H398 and you shall eat, H7646 and not be satisfied.
  27 H518 And if H2063 you will not for all this H8085 listen H1980 to me, but walk H7147 contrary to me;
  28 H1980 Then I will walk H7147 contrary H2534 to you also in fury; H637 and I, even H3256 I, will chastise H7651 you seven H2403 times for your sins.
  29 H398 And you shall eat H1320 the flesh H1121 of your sons, H1320 and the flesh H1323 of your daughters H398 shall you eat.
  30 H8045 And I will destroy H1116 your high H3772 places, and cut H2553 down your images, H5414 and cast H6297 your carcasses H6297 on the carcasses H1544 of your idols, H5315 and my soul H1602 shall abhor you.
  31 H5414 And I will make H5892 your cities H2723 waste, H8074 and bring H4720 your sanctuaries H8074 to desolation, H7306 and I will not smell H7381 the smell H5207 of your sweet H5207 odors.
  32 H8074 And I will bring H776 the land H8074 into desolation: H341 and your enemies H3427 which dwell H8074 therein shall be astonished H5921 at it.
  33 H2219 And I will scatter H1471 you among the heathen, H7324 and will draw H2719 out a sword H310 after H776 you: and your land H8077 shall be desolate, H5892 and your cities H2723 waste.
  34 H227 Then H776 shall the land H7521 enjoy H7676 her sabbaths, H3117 as long H8074 as it lies desolate, H341 and you be in your enemies’ H776 land; H227 even then H776 shall the land H7673 rest, H7521 and enjoy H7676 her sabbaths.
  35 H3117 As long H8074 as it lies desolate H7673 it shall rest; H854 because H834 H7673 it did not rest H7676 in your sabbaths, H3427 when you dwelled on it.
  36 H7604 And on them that are left H935 alive of you I will send H4816 a faintness H3824 into their hearts H776 in the lands H341 of their enemies; H6963 and the sound H5086 of a shaken H5929 leaf H7291 shall chase H5127 them; and they shall flee, H4499 as fleeing H2719 from a sword; H5307 and they shall fall H369 when none H7291 pursues.
  37 H3782 And they shall fall H376 one H251 on another, H6440 as it were before H2719 a sword, H369 when none H7291 pursues: H1961 and you shall have H3808 no H8617 power H8617 to stand H6440 before H341 your enemies.
  38 H6 And you shall perish H1471 among the heathen, H776 and the land H341 of your enemies H398 shall eat you up.
  39 H7604 And they that are left H4743 of you shall pine H5771 away in their iniquity H341 in your enemies’ H776 lands; H637 and also H5771 in the iniquities H1 of their fathers H4743 shall they pine away with them.
  40 H3034 If they shall confess H5771 their iniquity, H5771 and the iniquity H1 of their fathers, H4604 with their trespass H834 which H4604 they trespassed H637 against me, and that also H1980 they have walked H7147 contrary to me;
  41 H637 And that I also H3212 have walked H7147 contrary H935 to them, and have brought H776 them into the land H341 of their enemies; H176 if H227 then H6189 their uncircumcised H3824 hearts H3665 be humbled, H227 and they then H7521 accept H5771 of the punishment H5771 of their iniquity:
  42 H2142 Then will I remember H1285 my covenant H3290 with Jacob, H637 and also H1285 my covenant H3327 with Isaac, H637 and also H1285 my covenant H85 with Abraham H2142 will I remember; H2142 and I will remember H776 the land.
  43 H776 The land H637 also H5800 shall be left H7521 of them, and shall enjoy H7676 her sabbaths, H8074 while she lies desolate H7521 without them: and they shall accept H5771 of the punishment H5771 of their iniquity: H3282 because, H3282 even because H3988 they despised H4941 my judgments, H5315 and because their soul H1602 abhorred H2708 my statutes.
  44 H637 And yet H1571 for all H776 that, when they be in the land H341 of their enemies, H3988 I will not cast H3808 them away, neither H1602 will I abhor H3615 them, to destroy H3615 them utterly, H6565 and to break H1285 my covenant H3068 with them: for I am the LORD H430 their God.
  45 H2142 But I will for their sakes remember H1285 the covenant H7223 of their ancestors, H834 whom H853 H3318 I brought H3318 forth H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H5869 in the sight H1471 of the heathen, H430 that I might be their God: H3068 I am the LORD.
  46 H428 These H2708 are the statutes H4941 and judgments H8451 and laws, H834 which H3068 the LORD H5414 made H996 between H1121 him and the children H3478 of Israel H2022 in mount H5514 Sinai H3027 by the hand H4872 of Moses.