Leviticus 18:22-24

  22 H7901 You shall not lie H2145 with mankind, H802 as with womankind: H8441 it is abomination.
  23 H3808 Neither H5414 shall you lie H7903 H3605 with any H929 beast H2930 to defile H3808 yourself therewith: neither H802 shall any woman H5975 stand H6440 before H929 a beast H7250 to lie H7250 down H8397 thereto: it is confusion.
  24 H2930 Defile H3605 not you yourselves in any H428 of these H3605 things: for in all H428 these H1471 the nations H2930 are defiled H7971 which I cast H6440 out before you: