Judges 19:9

  9 H376 And when the man H6965 rose H3212 up to depart, H6370 he, and his concubine, H5288 and his servant, H2859 his father H2859 in law, H5291 the damsel’s H1 father, H559 said H2009 to him, Behold, H4994 now H3117 the day H7503 draws H6150 toward evening, H4994 I pray H3885 you tarry H3885 all H2009 night: behold, H3117 the day H2583 grows H2583 to an end, H3885 lodge H6311 here, H3824 that your heart H3190 may be merry; H4279 and to morrow H7925 get you early H1870 on your way, H1980 that you may go H168 home.