Joshua 2:9-11

  9 H559 And she said H582 to the men, H3045 I know H3068 that the LORD H5414 has given H776 you the land, H367 and that your terror H5307 is fallen H3605 on us, and that all H3427 the inhabitants H776 of the land H4127 faint H6440 because of you.
  10 H8085 For we have heard H834 how H3068 the LORD H3001 dried H4325 up the water H5488 of the Red H3220 sea H3318 for you, when you came H4714 out of Egypt; H834 and what H6213 you did H8147 to the two H4428 kings H567 of the Amorites, H5676 that were on the other H5676 side H3383 Jordan, H5511 Sihon H5747 and Og, H834 whom H853 H2763 you utterly destroyed.
  11 H8085 And as soon as we had heard H3824 these things, our hearts H4549 did melt, H3808 neither H6965 did there remain H5750 any more H7307 courage H376 in any man, H6440 because H3068 of you: for the LORD H430 your God, H430 he is God H8064 in heaven H4605 above, H776 and in earth H8478 beneath.