Job 19:25-28

  25 H3045 For I know H1350 that my redeemer H2416 lives, H6965 and that he shall stand H314 at the latter H6083 day on the earth:
  26 H310 And though after H5785 my skin H5362 worms destroy H2063 this H1320 body, yet in my flesh H2372 shall I see H433 God:
  27 H834 Whom H2372 I shall see H5869 for myself, and my eyes H7200 shall behold, H2114 and not another; H3629 though my reins H3615 be consumed H2436 within me.
  28 H559 But you should say, H4100 Why H7291 persecute H8328 we him, seeing the root H1697 of the matter H4672 is found in me?