Job 13

  1 H2005 See, H5869 my eye H7200 has seen H3605 all H241 this, my ear H8085 has heard H995 and understood it.
  2 H1847 What you know, H3045 the same do I know H1571 also: H5307 I am not inferior to you.
  3 H199 Surely H1696 I would speak H7706 to the Almighty, H2654 and I desire H3198 to reason H410 with God.
  4 H2950 But you are forgers H8267 of lies, H3605 you are all H7495 physicians H457 of no H457 value.
  5 H2790 O that you would altogether hold H2790 your peace! H2451 and it should be your wisdom.
  6 H8085 Hear H4994 now H8433 my reasoning, H7181 and listen H7379 to the pleadings H8193 of my lips.
  7 H1696 Will you speak H5766 wickedly H410 for God? H1696 and talk H7423 deceitfully for him?
  8 H5375 Will you accept H6440 his person? H7378 will you contend H410 for God?
  9 H2896 Is it good H2713 that he should search H582 you out? or as one man H2048 mocks H2048 another, do you so mock him?
  10 H3198 He will surely reprove H518 you, if H5643 you do secretly H5375 accept H6440 persons.
  11 H7613 Shall not his excellency H1204 make you afraid? H6343 and his dread H5307 fall on you?
  12 H2146 Your remembrances H4911 are like H665 to ashes, H1354 your bodies H1354 to bodies H2563 of clay.
  13 H2790 Hold H2790 your peace, H1696 let me alone, that I may speak, H5674 and let come H4100 on me what will.
  14 H5921 Why H4100 H5375 do I take H1320 my flesh H8127 in my teeth, H7760 and put H5315 my life H3709 in my hand?
  15 H6991 Though he slay H3176 me, yet will I trust H3198 in him: but I will maintain H1870 my own ways H413 before H6440 him.
  16 H1571 He also H3444 shall be my salvation: H2611 for an hypocrite H935 shall not come H6440 before him.
  17 H8085 Hear H4405 diligently my speech, H262 and my declaration H241 with your ears.
  18 H2009 Behold H4994 now, H6186 I have ordered H4941 my cause; H3045 I know H6663 that I shall be justified.
  19 H4310 Who H7378 is he that will plead H6258 with me? for now, H3588 if H2790 I hold H2790 my tongue, H1478 I shall give H1478 up the ghost.
  20 H389 Only H6213 do H8147 not two H227 things to me: then H5641 will I not hide myself from you.
  21 H7368 Withdraw H3709 your hand H7350 far H367 from me: and let not your dread H1204 make me afraid.
  22 H7121 Then call H6030 you, and I will answer: H176 or H1696 let me speak, H7725 and answer you me.
  23 H4100 How H5771 many are my iniquities H2403 and sins? H3045 make me to know H6588 my transgression H2403 and my sin.
  24 H4100 Why H5641 hide H6440 you your face, H2803 and hold H341 me for your enemy?
  25 H6206 Will you break H5929 a leaf H5086 driven H7291 to and fro? and will you pursue H3002 the dry H7179 stubble?
  26 H3789 For you write H4846 bitter H5921 things against H3423 me, and make me to possess H5771 the iniquities H5271 of my youth.
  27 H7760 You put H7272 my feet H5465 also in the stocks, H8104 and look H8104 narrowly H3605 to all H734 my paths; H2707 you set a print H8328 on the heels H7272 of my feet.
  28 H7538 And he, as a rotten H1086 thing, consumes, H899 as a garment H6211 that is moth H398 eaten.