Jeremiah 33

  1 H1697 Moreover the word H3068 of the LORD H1961 came H3414 to Jeremiah H8145 the second H5750 time, while he was yet H6113 shut H2691 up in the court H4307 of the prison, H559 saying,
  2 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD H6213 the maker H3068 thereof, the LORD H3335 that formed H3559 it, to establish H3068 it; the LORD H8034 is his name;
  3 H7121 Call H6030 to me, and I will answer H5046 you, and show H1419 you great H1219 and mighty H3045 things, which you know not.
  4 H3541 For thus H559 said H3068 the LORD, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H5921 concerning H1004 the houses H2063 of this H5892 city, H5921 and concerning H1004 the houses H4428 of the kings H3063 of Judah, H5422 which are thrown H5422 down H5550 by the mounts, H2719 and by the sword;
  5 H935 They come H3898 to fight H3778 with the Chaldeans, H4390 but it is to fill H6297 them with the dead H6297 bodies H120 of men, H834 whom H5221 I have slain H639 in my anger H2534 and in my fury, H3605 and for all H834 whose H7451 wickedness H5641 I have hid H6440 my face H2063 from this H5892 city.
  6 H2005 Behold, H4608 I will bring H724 it health H4832 and cure, H7495 and I will cure H1540 them, and will reveal H6283 to them the abundance H7965 of peace H571 and truth.
  7 H7622 And I will cause the captivity H3063 of Judah H7622 and the captivity H3478 of Israel H7725 to return, H1129 and will build H7223 them, as at the first.
  8 H2891 And I will cleanse H3605 them from all H5771 their iniquity, H834 whereby H2398 they have sinned H5545 against me; and I will pardon H3605 all H5771 their iniquities, H834 whereby H2398 they have sinned, H834 and whereby H6586 they have transgressed against me.
  9 H8034 And it shall be to me a name H8342 of joy, H8416 a praise H8597 and an honor H3605 before all H1471 the nations H776 of the earth, H834 which H8085 shall hear H3605 all H2896 the good H6213 that I do H6342 to them: and they shall fear H7264 and tremble H3605 for all H2896 the goodness H3605 and for all H7965 the prosperity H6213 that I procure to it.
  10 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD; H5750 Again H8085 there shall be heard H2088 in this H4725 place, H834 which H559 you say H2717 shall be desolate H369 without H120 man H369 and without H929 beast, H5892 even in the cities H3063 of Judah, H2351 and in the streets H3389 of Jerusalem, H8074 that are desolate, H369 without H120 man, H369 and without H3427 inhabitant, H369 and without H929 beast,
  11 H6963 The voice H8342 of joy, H6963 and the voice H8057 of gladness, H6963 the voice H2860 of the bridegroom, H6963 and the voice H3618 of the bride, H6963 the voice H559 of them that shall say, H3034 Praise H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts: H3068 for the LORD H2896 is good; H2617 for his mercy H5769 endures for ever: H935 and of them that shall bring H8426 the sacrifice of praise H1004 into the house H3068 of the LORD. H7725 For I will cause to return H7622 the captivity H776 of the land, H7223 as at the first, H559 said H3068 the LORD.
  12 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts; H5750 Again H2088 in this H4725 place, H2717 which is desolate H369 without H5704 H120 man H369 and without H5704 H929 beast, H3605 and in all H5892 the cities H5116 thereof, shall be an habitation H7462 of shepherds H6629 causing their flocks H7257 to lie H7901 down.
  13 H5892 In the cities H2022 of the mountains, H5892 in the cities H8219 of the vale, H5892 and in the cities H5045 of the south, H776 and in the land H1144 of Benjamin, H5439 and in the places about H3389 Jerusalem, H5892 and in the cities H3063 of Judah, H6629 shall the flocks H5674 pass H5750 again H5921 under H3027 the hands H4487 of him that tells H559 them, said H3068 the LORD.
  14 H2009 Behold, H3117 the days H935 come, H5002 said H3068 the LORD, H6965 that I will perform H2896 that good H1697 thing H834 which H1696 I have promised H1004 to the house H3478 of Israel H1004 and to the house H3063 of Judah.
  15 H1992 In those H3117 days, H6256 and at that time, H6780 will I cause the Branch H6666 of righteousness H6779 to grow H1732 up to David; H6213 and he shall execute H4941 judgment H6666 and righteousness H776 in the land.
  16 H1992 In those H3117 days H3063 shall Judah H3467 be saved, H3389 and Jerusalem H7931 shall dwell H983 safely: H2088 and this H834 is the name with which H7121 she shall be called, H3068 The LORD H6664 our righteousness.
  17 H3541 For thus H559 said H3068 the LORD; H1732 David H3808 shall never H3772 want H376 a man H3427 to sit H3678 on the throne H1004 of the house H3478 of Israel;
  18 H3808 Neither H3548 shall the priests H3881 the Levites H3772 want H376 a man H6440 before H5927 me to offer H5930 burnt H6999 offerings, and to kindle H4503 meat offerings, H6213 and to do H2077 sacrifice H3605 continually. H3117
  19 H1697 And the word H3068 of the LORD H1961 came H3414 to Jeremiah, H559 saying,
  20 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD; H518 If H6565 you can break H1285 my covenant H3117 of the day, H1285 and my covenant H3915 of the night, H3119 and that there should not be day H3915 and night H6256 in their season;
  21 H1571 Then may also H1285 my covenant H6565 be broken H1732 with David H5650 my servant, H1961 that he should not have H1121 a son H4427 to reign H3678 on his throne; H3881 and with the Levites H3548 the priests, H8334 my ministers.
  22 H6635 As the host H8064 of heaven H3808 cannot H5608 be numbered, H3808 neither H2344 the sand H3220 of the sea H4058 measured: H3651 so H7235 will I multiply H2233 the seed H1732 of David H5650 my servant, H3881 and the Levites H8334 that minister to me.
  23 H1697 Moreover the word H3068 of the LORD H1961 came H3414 to Jeremiah, H559 saying,
  24 H7200 Consider H4100 you not what H2088 this H5971 people H1696 have spoken, H559 saying, H8147 The two H4940 families H834 which H3068 the LORD H977 has chosen, H3988 he has even cast H5006 them off? thus they have despised H5971 my people, H5750 that they should be no more H1471 a nation H6440 before them.
  25 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD; H518 If H1285 my covenant H3119 be not with day H3915 and night, H7760 and if I have not appointed H2708 the ordinances H8064 of heaven H776 and earth;
  26 H1571 Then H3988 will I cast H2233 away the seed H3290 of Jacob H1732 and David H5650 my servant, H3947 so that I will not take H2233 any of his seed H4910 to be rulers H413 over H2233 the seed H85 of Abraham, H3446 Isaac, H3290 and Jacob: H7622 for I will cause their captivity H7725 to return, H7355 and have mercy on them.