Jeremiah 2:11-13

  11 H1471 Has a nation H4171 changed H430 their gods, H1992 which H3808 are yet no H430 gods? H5971 but my people H4171 have changed H3519 their glory H1992 for that which H3276 does not profit.
  12 H8074 Be astonished, H8064 O you heavens, H5921 at H2063 this, H8175 and be horribly H8175 afraid, H3966 be you very H2717 desolate, H5002 said H3068 the LORD.
  13 H5971 For my people H6213 have committed H8147 two H7451 evils; H5800 they have forsaken H4726 me the fountain H2416 of living H4325 waters, H2672 and hewed H877 them out cisterns, H7665 broken H877 cisterns, H3557 that can hold H3808 no H4325 water.