Jeremiah 25:9

  9 H2005 Behold, H7971 I will send H3947 and take H3605 all H4940 the families H6828 of the north, H5002 said H3068 the LORD, H5019 and Nebuchadrezzar H4428 the king H894 of Babylon, H5650 my servant, H935 and will bring H5921 them against H2063 this H776 land, H5921 and against H3427 the inhabitants H5921 thereof, and against H3605 all H428 these H1471 nations H5439 round H2763 about, and will utterly destroy H7760 them, and make H8047 them an astonishment, H8322 and an hissing, H5769 and perpetual H2723 desolations.