Isaiah 40:26-28

  26 H5375 Lift H5869 up your eyes H4791 on high, H7200 and behold H4310 who H1254 has created H428 these H3318 things, that brings H6635 out their host H4557 by number: H7121 he calls H3605 them all H8034 by names H7230 by the greatness H202 of his might, H533 for that he is strong H3581 in power; H376 not one H5737 fails.
  27 H4100 Why H559 say H3290 you, O Jacob, H1696 and speak, H3478 O Israel, H1870 My way H5641 is hid H3068 from the LORD, H4941 and my judgment H5674 is passed H5674 over H430 from my God?
  28 H3045 Have you not known? H8085 have you not heard, H5769 that the everlasting H430 God, H3068 the LORD, H1254 the Creator H7098 of the ends H776 of the earth, H3286 faints H3808 not, neither H3021 is weary? H369 there is no H2714 searching H8394 of his understanding.