Isaiah 11:1-3

  1 H3318 And there shall come H3318 forth H2415 a rod H1503 out of the stem H3448 of Jesse, H5342 and a Branch H6509 shall grow H8328 out of his roots:
  2 H7307 And the spirit H3068 of the LORD H5117 shall rest H7307 on him, the spirit H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding, H7307 the spirit H6098 of counsel H1369 and might, H7307 the spirit H1847 of knowledge H3374 and of the fear H3068 of the LORD;
  3 H7306 And shall make him of quick understanding H3374 in the fear H3068 of the LORD: H8199 and he shall not judge H4758 after the sight H5869 of his eyes, H3808 neither H3198 reprove H4926 after the hearing H241 of his ears: