Hebrews 7:26-28

  26 G5108 For such G749 an high G749 priest G4241 became G3741 us, who is holy, G172 harmless, G283 undefiled, G5562 separate G268 from sinners, G1096 and made G5308 higher G3772 than the heavens;
  27 G3739 Who G2192 needs G318 G2596 not daily, G2250 G3588 as those G749 high G749 priests, G399 to offer G2378 up sacrifice, G4386 first G2398 for his own G266 sins, G1899 and then G2992 for the people’s: G5124 for this G4160 he did G2178 once, G1438 when he offered up himself.
  28 G3551 For the law G2525 makes G444 men G749 high G749 priests G2192 which have G769 infirmity; G3056 but the word G3728 of the oath, G3588 which G3326 was since G3551 the law, G5207 makes the Son, G5048 who is consecrated G3588 for ever more. G165